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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
10 scenes of Richard and Sue’s promising chemistry in “The Iron Heart”

Everyone anticipated how Richard Gutierrez and Sue Ramirez would create amazing chemistry in their primetime series The Iron Heart. Based on their characters Apollo and Venus’ initial encounters, we can all agree that they are doing a great job. Admit it – they bring a refreshingly new flavor to the classic ‘astig’-guy-meets-sassy-girl trope.

Let’s relive their earliest 'kilig' scenes via this Kapamilya Toplist. We begin with their serendipitous encounter in a building’s parking area where they literally ran into each other. Apollo was in a hurry to escape trouble while Venus struggled to find her way inside the building to meet someone. Apollo was quick to pull her up, and given his extraordinary strength, the pull was unintentionally intense they got so close and locked eyes. Venus took a moment to pick up her phone off the floor. When she looked up, the handsome stranger was nowhere to be found. This scene was oozing with chemistry, especially the part where Richard and Sue exchanged deep gazes.

They met again in a fight arena, of all places. Venus served as the host/round girl while Apollo would participate in the underground battle. “Siya nga ‘yun,” she thought as she spots Apollo among the contenders.

Their next meeting would pack a literal wallop as Apollo saves Venus from John (Jeric Raval)’s attempted sexual assault. Since Venus’ drink was spiked, Apollo had to bring her to a place where she can sleep and recover. He couldn’t help but stare a little longer as he carried her to the bed. She snored, so loud he got distracted, then he realized Venus is Bungo (Mitoy Yonting)’s daughter.

He recalled a conversation with Bungo back in prison. Bungo showed a photo of him and Venus and asked Apollo to help Venus in case they cross paths. Apollo told himself not to break that promise, so he didn’t leave until he was sure of Venus’ safety.

Things got hilarious the next morning as Venus woke up, puzzled why she is in a motel. Her eyes widened in surprise, and fear, when the shower turned on. Assuming she was raped, she waited and attacked the ‘suspect’ as he comes out of the shower room. Apollo explained himself while Venus was still in fight mode. Knowing she is already safe, he walked out and said he paid for the room. Venus was somehow relieved, “O, eh ‘di, thank you!” she whispered to herself as Apollo leaves.

Clearly, he had an effect on her, but she is denying it to her friends and even to herself. Venus couldn’t seem to get Apollo off her mind. She said the guy must be a jailbird and John’s accomplice. And the kindness he showed? She calls it ‘modus.’ She said there isn’t any trace of identity inside his wallet, which he accidentally left in the motel.  But upon inspecting, a photo of Apollo with Cassandra (Maja Salvador) and Lia (Althea Ruedas) fell from its pocket. They assumed Apollo is married – and it seemingly made Venus upset.

The next thing she knew, Apollo was able to trace her whereabouts. He sneaked into her apartment to get his wallet, causing Venus to panic. Then, she calmed down upon realizing he is just there for the wallet, especially the photo that has Cassandra’s dedication. He helped her carry the laundry basket, and for us, it was reminiscent of his teenage romance with Cassandra.  

Before leaving, Apollo glanced at Bungo and Venus’ displayed photo and told the latter to pull out of her ‘raket in the fight arena simply because he doesn’t want to see her again. Of course, she won’t take orders from anyone.

Apollo is unfazed by any situation but, meeting Venus, he seems to have found that one person to give him a hard time. Watch their story unfold in The Iron Heart, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.