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10 heartwarming scenes of Lia giving Apollo strength and joy in “The Iron Heart”

Losing Cassandra (Maja Salvador) slashed Apollo (Richard Gutierrez)’s heart to shreds but there was Lia (Althea Ruedas), her great love’s little sister to be his light and comfort.   

They are instrumental in each other’s healing. Although grief remains, so does the love that Cassandra taught them.  Especially for Apollo, it’s important to have someone who could help him appreciate again the little joys in life

Warm your hearts with this Kapamilya Toplist from The Iron Heart showing how Lia gives Apollo reasons to keep going despite the hurt.

The video opens with the commotion outside a mall where Tatsulok attacked at Priam (Albert Martinez)’s command. Lia, hiding behind a statue, only felt relieved when Apollo came and revealed himself behind his mask. He carried the child and was about to retrieve Cassandra, who sustained gunshot wounds, when an explosion happened right there where Cassandra was waiting for rescue. 

Cassandra’s death left a hole in their hearts. In the scene where Cassandra’s body was laid to rest, Lia was the one breathing strength into Apollo. But even she was just as broken. Taken in by Apollo and his family, Lia felt she has found a new home where she is cared for like the love that Cassandra gave.  And Apollo has been motivated to act as the child’s father figure since.

Grief makes a child lose her appetite. Delia (Anna Marin) had to convince Lia to take her meals by assuring her that Cassandra is watching over them as an angel. But with Apollo, all it takes is a hug and his presence to make her feel happy again.

The scene where she welcomed him with an embrace as he arrived from work speaks of the sweet bond they share. In the next scene, Apollo listened to Lia’s story about how beautiful Cassandra probably looks as an angel. He was amused. Then, he put her to sleep and turned completely soft when asked by the child to sleep beside her.

Lia loves her Kuya Apollo so much she’s starting to build a routine with him. She asked him to be available for a call or chat every 8 pm while he’s out for work. That was after she offered a little sermon about the importance of family time and taught her the hand gesture she had with Cassandra. The scene ends with them adorably tickling each other.

It warms our hearts to see how she reminds him to loosen up a bit. In turn, she has become the angel of the family. Also in this video is the time he went home with a stuffed toy, which she adorably cuddled. Then, she hugged her ‘kuya’ as well, with Troy (Louise Abuel) squeezing himself in for a group hug.

One factor that keeps Apollo drawn to Lia is that she’s like Cassandra’s mini-me. She reminds him of his great love’s memories. There was a time she taught him how to bake a bread recipe she learned from Cassandra, and served two bottles of soda, which Apollo opened with his hands – reminiscent of his and Cassandra’s usual merienda date. 

Apollo may be busy with his secret missions but ‘kuya’ duties will send him running home. To close this Toplist is the scene where he rushed home after receiving a text message from Delia about Lia’s high fever. He stayed by her side making sure she’d be fine. The next morning, Lia’s face brightened with joy as she woke up to Apollo’s presence.

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