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10 heartwarming scenes of Apollo as a loving ‘kuya’ to Lia in “The Iron Heart”

To many, a hero is someone who fights for the common good; someone who saves other people from danger or brokenness. With this, Lia (Althea Ruedas) looks at her Kuya Apollo (Richard Gutierrez) as a hero.

Their relationship is often soused in sentimentality and much love, providing the comfort that Apollo needs amid his dangerous missions. Warm your hearts with this Kapamilya Toplist that collates their sweetest ‘sibling’ moments in The Iron Heart. 

Losing Cassandra (Maja Salvador) slashed Apollo’s heart to shreds but there was Lia, his great love’s little sister to be his solace. Grief remained, and so did the love that Cassandra taught them. They were instrumental in each other’s healing, especially to Apollo, who needed somebody to help him appreciate again the little joys in life. He had Lia to breathe him strength. In turn, the young girl found a new home with Apollo’s family where she’s cared for with the same amount of love that Cassandra gave.

The scene where she welcomed him home with a hug spoke of the sweet bond they share. He listened as she imagines how beautiful Cassandra probably looks as an angel, then turned soft as the child requested that he puts her to sleep.

Lia suggested that they build a routine of checking on each other every evening when Apollo is out for work. That was after she offered a little sermon about the importance of family time and taught him the hand gesture she had with Cassandra, followed by an adorable tickling game.

One factor that has kept Apollo drawn to the child is that she’s like Cassandra’s mini-me. She reminds him of his great love’s memories. In one scene, she taught him how to bake Cassandra’s bread recipe, and served two bottles of soda, which Apollo opened with his hands – reminiscent of his and Cassandra’s usual merienda date. And that scene where he surprised Lia with banana cue, which was Cassandra’s favorite, was nostalgic as it was heartwarming.

Taking a break from his death-defying missions, he traded his guns with flowers and craft materials to help make Lia’s costume for a school play. Making it to the presentation just as he promised was a beautiful reminder that he will always make time for people who matter. Our hearts swelled when Lia’s face lit up as she saw Apollo in the audience. Apollo might be busy with his missions but ‘kuya’ duties will send him running home.

If Apollo shows no mercy to criminals, there’s no way he would let anybody hurt his loved ones, especially Lia. He would save her at all costs, which he did when the child was abducted by Brother Joseph (JM de Guzman), the sect leader and member of Altare who was transformed by Lia's forgiveness and innocence. Who else cried tears of joy watching Apollo and Lia’s reunion?

The secret agent embraced the responsibility of planting moral seeds in Lia’s heart. In a happy picnic scene after their reunion, Apollo listened to Lia’s story of how Brother Joseph clung to what was good in the end. He passed on his Tatay Homer (Al Tantay)’s greatest reminder to always choose goodness over evil. Then, the two joined Hector (Roi Vinzon), Troy (Louise Abuel), and Cronus (Anthony Jennings) in a group hug and small celebration.

To love and care for a child isn’t a mere genetic obligation. As Apollo demonstrates, it is a choice opted by real, loving men. We look forward to his happy reunion with his family once his final mission is accomplished. For now, let’s tune in to the explosive finale week of The Iron Heart on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamillya Online Live, and A2Z.