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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
10 epic fight scenes of Apollo and Eros in “The Iron Heart” that redefined Pinoy action

The Iron Heart has kept its promise to elevate action to new heights, with a slew of fight scenes that redefine what local action teleseryes can achieve. The fight directors and the whole team have incorporated plenty of technical aspects and techniques such as Wushu, boxing, and Taekwondo, all of which are evident in rivals Apollo aka Tisoy (Richard Gutierrez) and Eros (Jake Cuenca)’s hand-to-hand combat and gun battles.

Richard and Jake made action look so hot and epic that we might never get tired of re-watching their fight scenes, which Kapamilya Toplist compiled in this video.

Any place could turn into a war zone for Apollo and Eros. Their very first scuffle happened at the shipping docks as they fought over smuggled goods to impress their bosses in Tatsulok. What started as a badass brawl that involved sophisticated martial arts skills and stunts ended with a cutthroat exchange, with them spitting threats at each other. We also took note of the men’s fearless attitude.

A good fight scene must be masterfully choreographed and realistically done. We witnessed one when they agreed to engage in a gritty fisticuff set up by their bosses Orcus (Christian Vasquez) and Selene (Dimples Romana) in a secret place with a cheering audience. It was a display of martial arts bravado and muscular intensity, so engaging we couldn't choose just one fighter. Both daredevils put on a show. But, three hard punches later, Apollo proved nobody should dare mess with him.

They were also lauded for that mesmerizing, modern tour-de-force set in a warehouse. Eros squeezed Apollo’s shoulder to see if he would flinch and reveal that he was the spy shot in the shoulder in a recent encounter. But, Apollo’s skin was indestructible, and so was his pain threshold.

They forced each other to confess their identities as agents, resulting in a roller coaster brawl with tangible brutality. It started off as an exciting gun match until Apollo ran out of bullets. With no weapon other than his sheer strength, he attacked Eros, who managed to regain his stance, building up an immensely satisfying violence.

There was a time when they joined forces and formed a group called Apollo 5 together with Juno (Meryll Soriano), Venus (Sue Ramirez), and Poseidon (Pepe Herrera). Teamwork looked hot on them, as they converged to secretly dismantle Tatsulok. In one scene, they protected their alliance by faking a fight in front of the Tatsulok members. This was the time when Tatsulok discovered that Apollo was the snitch, but clueless that Eros would be a bigger traitor.

In the series, thrill wasn’t just born out of death-defying, high-octane action scenes, because even a quiet interaction between the main guys was enough to keep us on the edge of our seats. You see, these men could be silent – but deadly. Of course, Eros had an ego to feed, which often resulted in staring showdowns and heated verbal sparring.

To complement the show’s visceral scenes is the plot that just keeps getting better episode after episode. Viewers were shocked when Apollo decided to take the Tatsulok leadership from his father, Priam. But a bigger plot twist was served when Eros revealed himself as Altare’s deadly Commando. The revelation happened on a pier, and if you’re an avid fan, you know this scene hits different. Apollo and Eros’ rivalry has come full circle (go back to scene one!). The fight was tension-filled, especially on Apollo’s part, who was dismayed by Eros’ betrayal. The scene was tense but never exhausting, keeping us viewers on edge.

Apollo of Tatsulok VS Eros of Altare – the two ushered us into one hell of an action-packed ride, as they embraced their ‘wicked’ side. Just them in one screen is enough to scream power, but put all the Tatsulok and Altare members into the mix and you’ll get overflowing suspense. We held our breath when the two groups pointed their guns at one another in a neatly choreographed passion.

The scene where Apollo ordered to burn Atlantis wasn’t actually a face-to-face encounter, but it was pivotal in his and Eros’ rivalry. In the final scene, he went up against an onslaught of bullets courtesy of Eros’ gang to save himself and his father, Priam.

Who will survive the final battle in The Iron Heart? Catch the series finale episode on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.