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10 actresses who flexed their incredible action prowess in “The Iron Heart”

There aren’t many projects more daunting than combining two genres in one role, for example, drama and action. But some actresses can make it work despite the strong demand to keep up with tough action sequences alongside gentlemen. Thanks to ground-breaking teleseryes like The Iron Heart, Kapamilya actresses otherwise known for their mushy female roles are given the avenue to flex their badass action skills.

In this Kapamilya Toplist, the ladies who threw punches and fought with guns in The Iron Heart — some did it while power-dressed and in high heels!

Maricel Laxa is known mainly for her dramatic roles. But, through The Iron Heart, we got to see her inherited flair for action as Helen, one of the high-ranking officials of CIB, the fictitious crime investigation unit that hired and trained Apollo (Richard Gutierrez) to destroy the Tatsulok mafia. One of her best scenes had her intensity on full display when she was about to be abducted by a group of men. Apollo came to the rescue and together they fought the bad guys.

In The Iron Heart, a few dauntless women have infiltrated the male-dominated world of Tatsulok. One of them is Selene played by Dimples Romana. Taking on the role of a mafia leader, the talented actress, who was previously known for her drama-heavy projects, has impressed us anew by throwing punches, fighting with guns, and taking on highly choreographed action scenes in the series.

Dimples had an imposing entrance where she was introduced as the most enduring Tatsulok member. In our favorite scene of hers, she was brutal in a shootout against unidentified men who penetrated her house. Best of all, she fought in stilettos!

With her mesmerizing beauty, no one thought that apart from her killer wardrobe, Athena (Emmanuelle Vera) had a killer motive. While she had a glamorous entrance where she modeled products for her brand, Athernity Beauty, we knew she’s malevolent and ice cold even if she wore an angel’s costume in her pictorial. It didn’t take long for her fangs to show.  The gorgeous villain went full-on beast mode when the snitch attacked her building and broke the vials containing the beauty serum that can cause organ malfunction and death. The chase led to a nerve-wracking fight scene with Apollo. Though she’s a woman, Athena managed to give Apollo a challenging fight and was even the first Tatsulok member to catch Apollo’s identity.

Meryll Soriano proved that she’s no damsel in distress as Juno, which is why viewers swooned over her performance and got heartbroken with her character’s ending. Juno’s final sequence was a total shock to the viewers, not only due to the manner she was killed, but partly because we wanted Apollo 5 to survive altogether in the end. What happened was Juno encountered pieces of evidence that led her to information about the multinational crime group Altare and the intel she gathered pointed her to CIB, hinting that somebody from CIB is connected to Altare. She knew she was in danger, but she didn’t let fear melt her iron will. She made a recording on her laptop, hoping that her friends would find it in case she’s gone.

And even in her last moments, Juno delivered enthralling action, hitting every step precisely right as she encountered members of the Altare group. However, she fell down the building, much to Apollo’s shock.

What do you get when two women oozing with ‘main character energy’ get trapped in an unexpected rivalry? Fierce confrontations! Venus (Sue Ramirez) and Nyx (Sofia Andres) didn’t starve “The Iron Heart” viewers of deliciously entertaining “tapatan” scenes. One of their best showdowns got them trapped in intense physical combat and guns blazing when Nyx discovered that Venus remains Apollo’s ally.

Playing a special role as a CIB agent, Carmen Soo as Harmonia was fearless in her scenes that painted the dangers surrounding the life of a law enforcer, such as that failed assassination that showcased her agility.

Actress-martial artist Cay Kuijpers also lent her killer swag and skill to the series as Clio, the Altare member who gave Orcus (Christian Vasquez) a tough challenge in their encounter.

Who run the world? Girls. The female mafia members gifted us with a fierce showdown in that scene where Selene’s clique attacked Circe (Ryza Cenon)’s hideout. Selene’s equally intimidating sidekick Rhea (Lou Yanong) furiously opened the show by shutting down all surveillance cameras to signal the blazing war. But Circe was on fire and she almost killed Selene, had Orcus failed to arrive on time.

As The Iron Heart's finale episode airs tonight, we give props to these incredible women with badass fight skills!