• Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
Christmas Q&A The Iron Heart cast

The stars of Kapamilya series The Iron Heart will take a break from taping to enjoy the holidays with their loved ones. Find out what’s likely to be served on their Noche Buena spread and what their hearts truly desire this Christmas. Plus, they shared their thoughts about the existence of Santa Claus.

First to share about her favorite Christmas dishes is Karina Bautista, who amused us with a relatable anecdote about special food served only for special people, like fruit salad.

“’Di ba kasi ‘yun ‘yung mga pinagdadamot ng mga magulang? Bawal kainin habang ginagawa, ‘yung nakalagay sa ref tapos ilalabas lang kapag talagang kakain na kasi alam na papapakin ng mga bata.” Another comfort food of hers is lumpiang shanghai, which she helps prepare for Noche Buena.

If you’re an avid follower of the Gutierrez clan, you know that their matriarch Anabelle Rama loves ordering lechon. Therefore, it’s no surprise the show’s lead actor Richard Gutierrez picked lechon as his favorite yuletide delicacy. “Hindi siya magiging Christmas kung walang lechon,” he said.

Lechon is also the star in Enzo Pineda and his family’s celebration.

If we Pinoys have lechon baboy, Americans cook roasted turkey on special occasions. It was Kyle Echarri’s favorite when he stayed in the US with his family, add to that the classic honey-glazed ham.

Dimples Romana and Vivoree Esclito share the same taste for macaroni salad. Diether Ocampo said he tries every food item offered at a Christmas buffet because Christmas only happens once a year. 

Amid the Christmas rush, the stars find time to pause and think about what they and the people around them truly need. Here are the things they wish to receive at Christmas.

For Vivoree, good health for herself and loved ones, “Para laban lang tayo sa mga dreams natin.” It’s the flu season again, which is why Enzo wishes everybody good health.

Karina manifests long life for her parents, “Lalo na ‘yung Dad ko kasi he’s getting older. He’s 70 years old na and he has a lot of complications, so gusto ko lang okay ‘yung health niya.”

If he has one wish, Kyle wouldn’t use it for himself. Instead, he would wish for his little sister to beat cancer.

Richard and Diether believe that global peace would be a perfect gift. The latter also hopes everybody may practice the spirit of Christmas, which is sharing love with one another.

Dimples’ deepest desire is for her family to be together this Christmas.

We asked the ensemble cast when they stopped believing in Santa Claus. Interestingly, the more senior actors proved they are never too old to believe in Santa’s magic, while most of the young stars said they have long let go of this Christmas fantasy.

As a doting dad, Richard wants to create a magical and unforgettable childhood for his kids Zion and Kai, and that includes introducing them to Santa Claus, “’Yung mga kids ko, I have to make them believe that Santa exists.” Therefore, he himself must believe in the spirit of Santa.

Diether and Dimples likewise embrace their inner child by indulging in the Santa Claus myth.

Kyle said Santa Claus comes in different forms. After all, he inspires the spirit of giving and spreading happiness.

On the other hand, the internet debunked Vivoree’s belief in Santa. Karina said her family isn’t that invested in the jolly guy in red as they follow Pinoy concepts such as Simbang Gabi than Western customs.

Enzo Pineda knew at a young age that Santa isn’t real and that his parents would secretly put goodies in his hanging socks and gifts under the tree. He knew but acted innocent for this wise reason: “Kasi ang nagyayari diyan, may gift ka na galing sa parents mo, may gift ka pa kay Santa”

Make watching these videos a part of your Christmas To-Do list, Kapamilyas!