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  • Monday - Friday after FPJ’s Batang Quiapo
BTS Bungo’s death in The Iron Heart

A death scene that involves a good character never fails to hit home as we become attached to these fictional personas. That’s why it was so hard to watch the end of Bungo, a wrongfully accused doting father played by Mitoy Yonting in The Iron Heart.

Viewers have come to appreciate his character because of what he truly is. Just a little backstory, Bungo was blamed for his boss' murder, sending him to prison for decades. Despite the circumstances, he and his daughter Venus (Sue Ramirez) managed to sustain their closeness and make each other feel loved, which is why Venus did everything to save her father from threats inside the maximum security compound through Apollo (Richard Gutierrez) and Eros (Jake Cuenca)’s help.



Bungo’s recent reunion with Venus and Apollo was like a premonition of the tragic event, but that doesn’t make the ‘feels’ any less crushing.

After the trio managed to get Bungo from prison, he and Venus went into hiding. However, Tatsulok members under Hero (Enzo Pineda)’s command were able to trace their whereabouts, leading to an action-packed chase. Though Apollo flared to distract the enemies, he failed to save Bungo.



The heart-thumping chase looked so real. Bungo’s death was so moving. And it’s all because of the great collaboration that transpired behind the scenes. Check out these exclusive photos to see how they pulled off the thrilling and emotional moment in #TIHBasagNaBungo episode!

In the first photo, we see how they fired up the cinematic shootout with a flash of sparks for a realistic 'bullet hit' effect.

BTS Bungo's death

The scene required a lot of grit from the actors. For instance, Sue had to tip over and Richard must show off his badass shooting skills.   

BTS Bungo's death Sue
BTS Bungo's death Hero
BTS Bungo's death Hero 1

Here are the actors taking instructions from international fight director Wang Yan Bin from Singapore.

BTS Bungo's death director

The team had to make Mitoy look like he’s gushing blood as well.

BTS Bungo's death Bungo Venus

Even before Bungo’s death, he’s already made us cry over his recent conversations with Apollo and Venus. They all know they were running the risk of encountering Tatsulok members, but at that moment, they were just happy that Bungo was (still) alive and he was with them, not knowing it was going to be some of his final moments.

BTS Bungo's death Venus Bungo
BTS Bungo's death

The actors have great chemistry we feel like watching a real family get together, and that makes it all the more heartwarming.

BTS Bungo's death Bungo Apollo
BTS Bungo's death Venus Apollo

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**All photos credit to starcreativestv IG