10 Most Talked-About Scenes in 'The Greatest Love'

This Friday, April 21, “The Greatest Love” will air its Unforgettable Finale. After several months, the heartwarming story of Gloria (Sylvia Sanchez) and her love for her four children, Amanda (Dimples Romana), Andrei (Matt Evans), Paeng (Arron Villaflor) and Lizelle (Andi Eigenmann) will finally come to an end. Before that, let us look back at the 10 most talked-about scenes in the well-loved daytime drama series.

1. Gloria slaps Amanda

When Gloria could no longer control her emotions, she reprimanded and slapped Amanda for hurting Lizelle.

2. Alegre siblings argue over their house’s land title

Alegre siblings got into a heated argument when they learned that Paeng mortgaged their property to pay off his debts. Amanda got mad because Paeng lied to her.

3. Gloria sends “Mamamatay na ako” text message to her children

Gloria sent a text message to her four children that she was already dying.

4. Gloria’s children learn about her disease

When her children were arguing, Gloria suddenly didn’t recognize them and told them to leave her house. Z (Joshua Garcia) then revealed to them that she was already suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Gloria locks herself in her room while Alegre’s house gets engulfed by fire

One of Gloria’s priced possessions burned down together with her memories as their house gets engulfed by fire. She locked herself in her room when she recalled her bitter past with Andres.

6. Gloria reveals her long-kept secret to Amanda

As her illness worsens, Gloria is losing control of herself and has even revealed to her daughter Amanda a long-kept secret: Gloria’s attempt to have her aborted when she was conceived.

7. Gloria apologizes to Amanda and Andrei for her “mess”

Amanda and Andrei became emotional when Gloria apologized to them because of the mess that she made when she lost control of her bowel movement.

8. Gloria tells Amanda that her very own father Andres raped her

Gloria finally revealed her dark past that has haunted her for years. Gloria bared to Amanda that she was forced to marry their father Andres after he raped and got her pregnant.

9. Amanda walks Gloria down the aisle

During the wedding of Gloria and Peter (Nonie Buencamino), Amanda walked her mother down the aisle and brought her to the altar.

10. Gloria walks out of the house naked

While Peter was still asleep, Gloria went to the bathroom to take a bath but she ended up walking out of the house naked. When Peter saw her outside, he hugged her and asked the help of Andrei to bring her back inside the house.

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