REVIEW: Superb acting in pivotal The Greatest Love episode leaves “deep impact”

It has finally come to pass.

One eventful development has brought fears, anxieties, and concerns about Gloria (Sylvia Sanchez) into what is considered her tragic fate in The Greatest Love episode “The Deep Impact.”

Her Alzheimer’s Disease has set in.

Terrible disease

Affected so much by the animosity among her children Amanda (Dimples Romana), Lizelle (Andi Eigenmann), Andre (Matt Evans), and Paeng (Arron Villaflor), who had converged at her home yet bickered over Gloria’s misleading message that she was dying, her terrible disease has become real.

“Sino kayo?” a perplexed Gloria said.

And, as her grandson Z (Joshua Garcia) and best friend Lydia (Ruby Ruiz) arrive, Gloria further deteriorated into that horrific form of dementia.

She could no longer recognize all of them.

Grieving family

And, as Z told them that she indeed was suffering from Alzheimer’s, which Gloria divulged in a video message to him, all wept and wailed in grief. They all regretted not being there for her, especially Lizelle, as they learned from Lydia that she had been suffering for over six months and would not want them to know about it due to their constant bickering. Apart from Lydia and Gloria’s first love and Lizelle’s biological father Peter (Nonie Buencamino), a reformed Paeng had also known about it after discovering medical records of her affliction but couldn’t tell his siblings because it was their mother’s wish. While this did not sit well with Amanda and Andre, who took Paeng to task for not telling them beforehand, Lydia urged them to finally let go of their enmity and discord and deal with their mother’s disease together as a family.


This episode, under the masterful guidance of directors Mervyn Brondial and Paco Sta Maria with the able support of top screenwriter Ricky Lee, presents one of the most exceptional individual acting performances of late in a television drama.

Sylvia Sanchez truly made a genuine, accurate depiction of an Alzheimer’s patient slowly slipping and totally degenerating. As Gloria, her facial expression and body posture truly depict real Alzheimer’s patients, making the drama a true representation of all the travails they endure. Above all, her portrayal is so effectual and heart-wrenching.

These gripping sequences also squeezed the best out of the other cast members Dimples Romana, Andi Eigenmann, Matt Evans, Arron Villaflor and Ruby Ruiz, whose despair about the situation was deeply felt by all.

Thespic revelation

But Joshua Garcia continues to be the thespic revelation we growingly admire. The way he delivers his lines, his body language, his verbal and non-verbal interaction with co-cast members, especially those moments he shared with a lost Gloria in her bedroom, was truly way beyond impressive.

And, because of this resounding impact on viewers, #TGLTheDeepImpact has even trended worldwide on Twitter at number 2 and became the top trending topic in the Philippines.

Also, netizens were overwhelmed and enthralled as the episode truly made a deep impact on them.