Six reasons why The Good Son impressed and gripped us all

Six reasons why The Good Son impressed and gripped us all 1

Now that The Good Son has come to an end, we list down some of the reasons why this show was such a hit and made all of us glued to each episode batting our eyelashes.


1. It’s all about family.

It’s a family drama that some of which we can relate to, and some of which we only want to see on the TV. From the beginning, the father-son dynamics of Joseph Reyes (Joshua Garcia) and Victor Buenavidez (Albert Martinez) have always been complicated. Throw that with the drama between Victor and Joseph and this show can be something to learn from .


2. It’s a case of whodunnit

Or in this case who killed Victor, and then subsequently who killed Raquel (Mylene Dizon). The murder mystery kept viewers on the edge of their seats as they uncover what went before that led to the gruesome death (sometimes even before the characters did).  Sometimes people even raised bets on who killed Victor----Olivia, Calvin, Enzo, or Joseph.


3. It sparked discussion.

The writing of this series with its complicated family dynamics were laid out well and created as real as possible without compromising the drama. Thus, leaving people more and more hooked and would often talk about it.  


4. The cast gives a stellar performance.

A drama would not earn raves if it was not acted well. We all know what Eula Valdez, Mylene Dizon, John Estrada, and the veteran actors can do. However, this show revealed the dramatic chops of its younger actors, namely Joshua Garcia, Jerome Ponce, Nash Aguas and McCy de Leon. This new generation of stars certainly held their own as they swapped lines and slapped faces with these award winners.


5. Its scenes thug the heart.

With praises on social media saying that the viewers cried “balde-baldeng luha” and scenes were “makadurog puso,” there is probably not enough hyperbole (or in this case just the plain truth) to describe what this drama and its scene by scene moments, all thanks to a superb directorial team, can do to you.


6. People applauded it.

Check on social media and you will see the number of praises that this series can get in a single episode. From the writer, directors, and actors, to even the pacing, people have high regard for this show, calling it a game changer and even the best show ever.