Majority of poll respondents correct in pointing at Olivia as Victor’s killer in The Good Son

Majority of poll respondents correct in pointing at Olivia as Victor s killer in The Good Son 1

The Good Son is undeniably the most mesmeric teleserye in the primetime block right now. Its riveting narrative, which follows the characters’ relentless quest for the one person behind the shocking death of Victor (Albert Martinez) to finally achieve the justice they’ve all been seeking for.


However, it’s not only those who are involved in the show who were keen in every piece of information that could lead them to the perpetrator, but the viewers and netizens as well who even shared their thoughts through The Good Son Private I Suspects Poll before the #TGSTruth episode last April 11 revealing the killer.


With Obet (McCoy de Leon), Calvin (Nash Aguas), Joseph (Joshua Garcia), Enzo (Jerome Ponce), Olivia (Eula Valdez), and Matias (Ronnie Lazaro) as the prime suspects, a majority of the netizens, specifically 36.81%, believed that it was actually Olivia who poisoned Victor after his birthday.


And they were totally right!


In the episode aired last April 11, the truth was unraveled at long last through the audio recording of Olivia and Dado’s (Jeric Raval) furtive conversation, wherein she admitted poisoning her husband as she feared the imminent destruction of their family.


Being mentally disturbed and his negative reactions upon discovering his real identity, not to mention his shocking confession before of putting poison to his stepdad’s drink during his birthday convinced 34.56% of the audiences that Calvin is indeed the suspect.


The unruffled and upright Joseph wasn’t spared from the suspicious “private I’s” as he garnered 10.8% of the total votes. Many deemed that the hurt brought about by his father’s desertion triggered him to harm him.


His half-brother Obet’s fervent wish for his own father Arthur (Alex Medina) and Raquel (Mylene Dizon) to rekindle their romance was also seen by 6.4% of the viewers as a probable cause for him to slay Victor.


Enzo’s anger against his dad and its illegitimate family didn’t get unnoticed by 6.21% of the audiences who questioned his innocence to the crime.


Raquel’s doting father Matias also wasn’t able to escape the taxing interrogations as the authorities delved his criminal roots and his admission of confronting Victor before his death. Thus, 3.22% of the netizens thought that his deep concern with his daughter possibly forced him to do the wrong thing.


Now that Olivia is proven guilty for killing her spouse, what’s going to happen to her beloved sons Enzo and Calvin, and to brothers Joseph and Obet? Don’t miss the final episodes of The Good Son, weeknights after Bagani.