Revelation of Nash’s mental illness shocks viewers, trends online

“The Good Son” treated viewers to a night of plot twists last Tuesday (Dec 26), when Enzo (Jerome Ponce) finally discovered that his brother Calvin (Nash Aguas) has schizophrenia – a condition that could pin him down as the culprit in their father’s murder.

Troubled by his brother’s increasingly odd behavior, Enzo secretly followed him into an abandoned house and caught him talking to Justine (Alexa Ilacad), Calvin’s imaginary friend.

Calvin then snapped out of his hallucination, distraught to find himself with his brother, who insisted that Justine did not exist.

The intense scene hooked viewers nationwide as the episode recorded a national TV rating of 19.7%, compared to “My Korean Jagiya” with only 11.8%, according to data from Kanta Media. It was also a hit online as the show’s official hashtag #TGSJustine topped the list of trending topics on Twitter.

Netizens were also quick to share their thoughts on social media and tweeted their praises for the story and cast.

“Just watched tonight’s episode of TGS and all I can say is Nash Aguas is one hell of an actor! He’s convincing with his role,” said @viewerfaney.

“Wow ‘The Good Son!’ I’m honestly impressed by this show. I never thought I’d be hooked this bad,” @xxfujoshidesu tweeted.

“’The Good Son’ tackles dyslexia and schizophrenia. Intense plot with a twist. The young actors and the production did a great job,” @hypertean shared.

How the revelation of Calvin’s mental illness will affect the investigation of Victor’s (Albert Martinez) murder is yet to be determined, but his mother and brother will protect him at all costs and prove his innocence to the authorities.

Did Calvin really kill Victor? How will he accept that Justine was only created by his imagination?

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