REVIEW: The Good Son and its unforgettable, special finale that tugs the heart


Forgiveness is one noble virtue that truly sets you free, not only from the shackles of a painful past, but also from the troubles of the present and from the uncertainty of the future.


In the finale of The Good Son on Friday, April 13, Joseph (Joshua Garcia) embodies this virtue amid all the hardship and potentially fatal circumstances, wrought about by Olivia’s (Eula Valdes) murderous deeds.


In one dastardly final, grand plot, Olivia tried to do what she has done before—all in rapid, parallel succession. She again takes that poison she used to kill Victor (Albert Martinez) and orders an accomplice, a bartender at the surprise birthday celebration of Joseph attended by all his loved ones, including Enzo (Jerome Ponce), to spike Joseph’s drink, which he consumed as he was speaking onstage to thank all the attendees.


And as Joseph loses consciousness while the poison has begun its paralyzing effect, Obet spots Olivia lurking near the door, witnessing the commotion. Enzo and Obet chase her and as she tries to escape in her vehicle, police arrived and pursued her. As they corner her. Olivia took out a gun and aimed at the police, with Enzo begging her to surrender.


Crying unabashedly, Olivia expressed despair over the turn of events as she saw Enzo on the side of the law wanting her to yield the authorities so they could arrest her. And, as she dropped the gun to make it appear that she is surrendering, she entered her vehicle again and tried to flee once more only to be fired upon by police, who hit the car’s tires. It then screeched uncontrollably and hit an electric post, which totaled the car and caused it to burn with an injured Olivia inside. The flames engulfed the vehicle, devouring a hapless, trapped Olivia.


As this transpired, Obet and Lolo Matias (Ronnie Lazaro) rushed the unconscious Joseph to the hospital, who appeared to have succumbed to the poisoning.


Olivia was also brought to the hospital severely burned from the mishap and was already fighting for her life when Enzo and Calvin (Nash Aguas) dashed to her side. And as she apologized to them for all that has happened, a visibly well Joseph surprisingly entered the room.


He tells Olivia he has forgiven her for all that she did, all for the sake of a fresh start and moving on as he also asks his tormentor for forgiveness for also causing her hurt and the murderous fit that claimed Victor’s life.


The dying Olivia was more repentant and expressed regret over for all that she has done to Joseph and his family. She said she was “consumed in anger because (Victor) didn’t love me the way I do.” And with Olivia’s apparent sincerity in showing remorse, Joseph again told her that he has forgiven her. She then passes away in peace.


Such forgiveness then made everyone’s lives better. After all the ordeals they faced, Joseph, Enzo and Calvin now live in harmony and happily share a closely knit brotherhood they will enjoy forever. Obet also vowed to be a changed man, which left his beloved Sabina (Elisse Joson) to tears.


Their future is also assured after both Joseph and Enzo received hefty inheritance from their father. Calvin is also on the road to recovery from his mental illness and live a life he truly wanted.


This message truly tugs the heart so deeply and should make us better persons, if we heed it.


Excellent writing and storytelling that is truly beyond compare, The Good Son clearly exhibits why it is a “game changer.” Add to that the exceptional channels or vessels of this message—the remarkable actors who enlivened it onscreen, especially in this gripping finale.


Joshua remained the extraordinary thespian we all admired since he started his astonishing acting journey. He delivered his lines with utmost sincerity—from the heart—and it was deeply felt by a touched audience.


His fellow new breed of talented actors, Jerome, Nash, and McCoy, further took the impressive craft further with their own excellent performances we will all remember that will take them to the next level of their careers.


But we are most impressed with Eula’s outstanding performances each night, especially in this finale wherein we are led to not judge her by her actions but by the humanness of her character, which made us truly appreciative of Joseph’s forgiveness towards her.


This ending to an impeccable story, written by Danica Mae S. Domingo, David Franche Diuco and Li Calendaria, led us not only to believe that the case has been truly closed, but also teaches us to love more and forgive more without letup. The creativity and pacing of the episode was once again its crowning glory as we again never lost our attention, especially when it depicted the similarities between circumstances that led to Olivia’s killing of Victor and how she tried to take Joseph’s life, and appreciated all the life-changing lessons. Directors Manny Q. Palo and Andoy Ranay truly offered something memorable and special in the finale of a gripping series we stayed glued to since September.


For netizens, it was indeed special, as the episode hashtag #TGSCaseClosed remained the top trending topic until the next morning. They even share their own takeaways from the series.