8 times John Estrada exhibited his versatility as an actor in The Good Son

He's been in the industry for almost three decades, yet he continues to shine as a seasoned actor that's worthy of being looked up to.

John Estrada has started in slew of movies and television series ever since catapulting to fame as a model, proving his multifacetedness and brilliance in portraying various roles ranging from a notorious villain to an admirable protagonist.

And in his recent stint in The Good Son, he showed off the two sides of him as Anthony Buenavidez, the affectionate but cunning uncle to the characters of Joshua Garcia, Jerome Ponce, and Nash Aguas.

As his character unexpectedly bid goodbye to the show, let's reminisce some of his impressive performances as an ideal father-figure to his nephews.

Following the demise of his Kuya Victor, he started performing his “uncle duties” for his nephews. First, by enrolling Joseph to the same university where his half-brothers also study. Though the latter had hesitations, the former encouraged him to pursue for his dreams.



With their differences and spat interfering between them, Anthony incessantly made moves for the reconciliation of the brothers. He advised Joseph to set aside his anger and pride and exude more effort to get to know Olivia’s broods.



At the same time, he also talked to Calvin and Enzo about trying to get to know their half-brother more. Amidst the current obstacle that beleaguers their family, he emphasized the importance of having rapport among them.



Instead of a celebrating the victory of their team, the firstborns of Victor almost got into a scuffle when Enzo got infuriated over Joseph’s being a “show-off” during their tournament. Fortunately, their uncle was there to stop them.


In order to win Enzo’s favor, Anthony came up with the idea of surprising him with a kaput vintage Volkswagen beetle that he planned to restore. His nephew found it absurd and agreed in the end.


Although both of them possess indignant hearts, they proved that they still have compassion towards each other particularly in times of need. Joseph was there to the rescue when Enzo had a hard time tying the lace of his shoe due to an injured arm and in fixing the malfunctioned vehicle. The latter set aside his pride, which made their uncle truly delighted.



Anthony affirmed that he would be present in his nephews’ lives through thick and thin. With Joseph’s intense craving for justice regarding the death of their father, he decided to make his own investigations in spite the dangers it would bring to his life. Thus, the protective uncle warned and persuaded him to leave it to the authorities.



Regardless of Enzo’s snide attitude towards him, Anthony showed his love for him by making sure that he’s fine and advising him to bury the hatchet with his mom Olivia when suddenly he stowed away.

With the demise of their uncle, would peace finally emanate among the warring brothers? Or things will just get more complicated and the case will be left unresolved? Let’s see in the much-anticipated, riveting episodes of The Good Son, weeknights after Bagani on Primetime Bida.