10 most unforgettable, talked about scenes in The Good Son


Aside from the refreshing and riveting narrative that absolutely got us all hooked, The Good Son also boasts a powerhouse ensemble comprised by top-caliber actors in the country.


The compelling performances of the cast make each episode a must-watch and the talk of the town, as netizens couldn't contain their astonishment in social media.


Here are 10 of the most memorable scenes that shattered our hearts and left our mouths agape.



Former child wonder Nash Aguas has been receiving praises for his impressive portrayal of the mentally challenged Calvin. Just like in this scene where his character had an emotional outburst as he apologized to Enzo (Jerome Ponce) for killing their father Victor (Albert Martinez).



It is Jerome Ponce's first time to be an antagonist as Enzo and he totally nailed it! He attested that he could keep pace with prized thespians, such as Eula Valdez, who plays his mother in the show, Olivia.



Joshua Garcia, who portrays the lead protagonist Joseph, Victor’s illegitimate son, wouldn't be dubbed as the next John Lloyd Cruz for nothing. With his looks, stance, and brilliance, he is definitely an award-winning actor in the making! Being a newbie in the industry, McCoy de Leon immediately wowed everyone with his acting prowess, especially as he plays the antagonistic Obet. Their showdowns are highly anticipated, just like their intense brawl in February 22's episode.



Aside from his clashes with Obet, Joseph’s debates with half-brother Enzo are always much awaited by the spectators. Their roles balance each other out, as Enzo is impulsive and hotheaded, while Joseph is calm and composed.



Nash's performance in The Good Son has been one of the most talked about stints in reference. From being tranquil, he could easily transform into a schizophrenic young man who's willing to protect his family at all cost.



Amidst the growing population of artists in the local entertainment sphere, Eula proves that her brilliance never fades and still stands out as Olivia.



There is indeed no perfect formula on being a good mother, but all of them have done their bests. This is what the character of Mylene Dizon, Raquel, reminded Olivia as she faces one of the greatest obstacles a matriarch could ever have. Instead of insulting her, she embraced and told her that she's more than willing to be her shoulder to cry on.



A mother’s extraordinary love for her children definitely breaks a lot of hearts, just like Olivia's plea for Joseph to not push the case against Calvin. What made the scene more surprising was when she extinguished her pride and knelt in front of him.



From brandishing his always serious face, Joshua again showed his dramatic flair when his character Joseph tearfully apologized to their mom when she got accidentally shot while shielding him against Dado's bullet.



At a very young age, Nash has already created his mark in the industry. He seamlessly switch on different emotions -- from outrage and gloom to cheer -- as seen in his portrayal of Calvin in this much talked about gripping scene.


As the mystery continues to unfold, the episodes would surely be more enthralling and give us a rollercoaster of emotions. That's why, you should not miss watching The Good Son, weeknights after La Luna Sangre on Primetime Bida.