Angel Locsin reveals her many firsts

The first ever movie that made her was “Land Before Time.”

“Namatay ‘yung dinosaurs, sobrang sad,” she recounted. But this was probably not as painful as when she tried to talk to her crush. Back in kindergarten, her crush was playing with a water jug and swinging it around when she decided to approach him. As she got closer, however, she got hit by the jug and lost a tooth. Can you imagine what other firsts Angel Locsin experienced?

As Rhian rediscovers the life that she lost in The General’s Daughter, viewers have front row seats to all the action and drama that will unfold. Now, you also have the chance to peek behind the curtains and get to know Angel herself!

She is one of the biggest actresses today, but can you imagine how her life was like before all the fame and fortune? “’Yung pangkayod ng yelo,” she described her cellphone with fondness. Continuing down memory lane, she revealed that her celebrity crush then was Patrick Garcia. Although, admittedly Kurt Cobain is her first love which is why she memorized all his songs. Meanwhile, it was her run as part of the school’s varsity swim team that she was able to travel outside of the country for the first time and compete in Hong Kong.

At the start of her career, she had a fashion show gig and was only paid PHP 1,500. For sure, this is not her current talent fee anymore. Since then, Angel has gone to prove her talents. One of her early accomplishments was from the 22nd PMPC Star Awards for Television for her role in the fantaserye, Lobo. Now, every morning, Angel has a routine of checking all her messaging apps in the morning, from iMessage and Viber to even WhatsApp.

She has certainly come a long way. Yet, Angel still has a long and successful journey ahead of her! So, don’t miss The General’s Daughter from Mondays to Fridays after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.