Rhian’s feel good moments with her barrio friends in The General’s Daughter

Like how the aphorism goes, everything happens for a reason. After having been badly wounded in the beginning of the story, Rhian found herself in the washed ashore in the fishing community of Sto. Francisco, Ilocos Norte. There, she found a new home which transformed her complicated life. Gradually, Rhian and the people of Sto. Francisco opened their hearts to one another and established a special bond with each other.

Being named as ‘Dyosa’

After she lost her memory as a result of a serious head wound, Rhian was clueless and is struggling to remember her identity. To ease her distress for a while, Elijah “Elai” Sarmiento (Arjo Atayde) and the kids of the simple barrio tried to make her happy. They played with her and named her ‘Dyosa’. Later, Isabel “Sabel” Sarmiento (Maricel Soriano) gave her a tour in their small community and silenced everyone else’s doubts by declaring she will look after Rhian and be responsible for her.

Gaining their acceptance

On the day Rhian was leaving the town, she immediately headed back to save the townsfolk of Sto. Francisco from a thug who had been pestering them for quite a long time. Being able to prove how good Rhian’s heart is, Cora (Tess Antonio) and Fedelina (May Bayot) who strongly doubted Rhian at first both finally opened their hearts to her.

Having them as her refuge

After discovering her true identity, Rhian went back to Sto. Francisco to take refuge in the arms of Sabel, the woman whom she considered as her second mother. However, knowing that she can’t expose her real identity to them, Rhian concealed it and settled with gaining some comfort in Sabel’s embrace.

Spending quality time with them

Taking a break from her stressful and extremely complicated life, Rhian decided to spend some quality time with her friends in Sto. Francisco. She enjoyed a day with them, doing simple things such as harvesting their crops, helping Elai with his sand sculpture and participating in a boat racing game with them.

Contributing to their betterment

Aiming to help ensure their welfare, Rhian went to Sto. Francisco to provide medical supplies that they can use for emergency purposes. Meanwhile, Elai and Sabel noticed the sadness in Rhian’s eyes, so they made some efforts to make Rhian smile.

Achieving transparency with them

When time came that she has to tell them the truth about her and her evil father, who is the mastermind of the tragedy that happened in Sto. Francisco, Rhian finally achieved transparency between her friends. Thus, this made their relationship deeper and stronger.

Starting a new life with them

As she decided to quit the military and start a new life, Rhian visited her friends from Sto. Francisco. She asked if she could start living a peaceful and simple life with them, and Rhian’s friends accepted her in their home with open arms.

Indeed, unexpected friendships are sometimes the most precious ones. Rhian knew that she found a loving family with her friends from Sto. Francisco and they also helped make her a better person.

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