5 reasons why you should watch The General’s Daughter

A much anticipated, scintillating drama is set to take over our weeknight viewing.

With the intense, riveting acting performances from its teasers with its elaborate production, The General’s Daughter is truly one compelling teleserye everyone must watch.

And here are five reasons why you should.

1. The return of Angel Locsin on Primetime TV

We all are impacted, immersed and inspired by the exceptional actress Angel Locsin in her many roles on primetime television in the past. Her very last performance on the fantasy drama La Luna Sangre two years ago really captivated everyone by not only her acting, but also her superb fighting or combat skills in its action sequences.

In her first series with Dreamscape Entertainment, Angel would most certainly leave us breathless with all-encompassing portrayal in terms of a riveting narrative and the demanding stunts that go with it.

2. Stellar cast

When the cast was first announced months back, people were astonished with The General’s Daughter being one of the most star-studded teleseryes ever. Not only does the stellar cast include today’s top breakout stars, it primarily brings to the fore some of the biggest, most respected acting luminaries in the industry. Aside from lead star Angel Locsin, Paulo Avelino, JC de Vera, Arjo Atayde, Ryza Cenon, Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte, the drama boasts of such legends as Albert Martinez, Tirso Cruz III, Eula Valdez, Janice de Belen, and Maricel Soriano. And it is quite noteworthy to also emphasize that these cast members are set to work with each other for the first time.

3. The combination of action, drama and romance.

The Filipino audience are quite drawn to teleseryes that have a concoction of intense action, gripping drama, and heartwarming romance to their fix. And, The General’s Daughter offers these fascinating ingredients to its story and more, making it sure it has what it takes to keep the audience glued to it.

It also brings forward the relatable and affectual circumstances that concerns family that most viewers are so invested in.

4. Beautiful setting and location

We are certainly so excited to experience cinematic visuals that will definitely take our breath away.

Creative and production teams behind the program have selected enthralling locations around the country that will become the setting of the teleserye’s captivating narrative. Exceptional camera work and impressive production design will set The General’s Daughter apart from other dramas.

5. Astounding drama scenes

And of course, with the best dramatic actors on its cast, who would not expect dramatic scenes that surely would astound us each day? And these all will emanate from Angel’s stirring portrayal of Rhian Bonifacio on the show. We expect the character to bring out the thespic best from Angel, given the difficult situations, conflicts, and realities she would face.

And with these reasons, let’s all watch the grand premiere of The General’s Daughter on January 21, Monday, after FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano on Primetime Bida.