Rhian-Franco pair in The General’s Daughter brings more kilig, netizens say

Our weeknights have been more action-packed with the arrival of The General’s Daughter on Primetime Bida. But apart from the mind-blowing and intense action scenes and the heartwarming drama it relentlessly delivers, what makes it extra thrilling are the romantic connections formed between the titular character Rhian Bonifacio, impeccably portrayed by award-winning actress Angel Locsin, and the two courageous dashing men in her life – Ethan del Fierro (JC De Vera) and Franco Segismundo (Paulo Avelino).

While she’s not in a relationship with neither of them yet at the moment for she’s still occupied with her personal missions, Entertainment.abs-cbn.com thought of asking the viewers and netizens through a fun Kapamilya Poll on who between Ethan and Franco she should end up with.

It may seem impossible for love to bloom between them at present, but the people apparently finds it more thrilling if allies-turned-enemies Rhian and Franco get involved in a tricky love affair, after winning the poll by 75.86% of the total votes.


Rhian Franco pair in The General s Daughter brings more kilig netizens say 1

They might have been friends ever since they were kids and became each other’s back up in every mission given to them by the former’s cunning adoptive father Heneral Tiyago (Tirso Cruz III), but the latter didn’t have the guts to confess his feelings for her. Now, she turned out to be his stiffest rival as she unbelievably outsmarts him in his every mission and successfully obstructs his illegal deeds. But there’s nothing wrong in wishing something that’s presumed unlikely, right?

On the other hand, even though the two of them had a special past, less people obviously believes that it’s still possible for romance to re-exist between Rhian and her ex-flame Ethan as what the 24.14% of the votes they received. Just when almost everyone thought that they’re going to face the altar together, their shippers got probably disheartened when Rhian broke up with him on the very moment that he proposed marriage to her.

However, despite what happened, Ethan apparently still harbors special feelings towards her as he protected her numerous times in their encounters with Heneral Tiyago and his henchmen and even secretly helping her whenever she requests his support.

So, who’s indeed the ‘right one’ for Rhian? Or is she going to end with one of them? That’s for us to find out in the future so you better fervently watch The General’s Daughter, weeknights on Primetime Bida.