Ambition thicker than blood for Erich in "The Blood Sisters"

Agatha turns to deceit to satisfy her hunger for success and approval after she put the lives of her sisters in danger in the ABS-CBN primetime series “The Blood Sisters.”

One of the triplets played by Erich Gonzales, Agatha has yet to show her true colors to her family, hiding her involvement in the shooting that left her twin sister Carrie critically wounded and on the brink of death.

This was after Carrie took the bullet that was meant for her twin sister Erika and her son Jolo, who was supposed to give his testimony on his abduction by Agatha and Rocco’s (Jake Cuenca) child trafficking and organ harvesting business.

Agatha’s lies, however, will catch up with her once Jolo provides the clues to her identity and the leaders of the syndicate.

Will Agatha ever fully turn her back on her family for the sake of her own ambitions? What will happen once her family finds out that she is capable of hurting them, or worse, killing them?

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