Agatha, Carrie, and Erika join forces to save thier mother in "The Blood Sisters" finale

Agatha Carrie and Erika join forces to save thier mother in The Blood Sisters finale 1

Initially torn apart by circumstances and later on by their differences, Agatha, Carrie, and Erika are finally working together as one family on a do-or-die mission to save their mother in the final week of “The Blood Sisters.”

Suspense, drama, and action await viewers as the triplets played by Erich Gonzales move heaven and earth to recover Adele (Cherry Pie Picache) from the hands of Rocco (Jake Cuenca) and Fabian (Dante Rivero).

In order to do this, they will try to act as one and pretend to be Agatha, who is the closest link to the money-hungry syndicate that is threatening to tear their family apart.

The mission marks the first time the triplets are uniting to achieve a common goal, after Adele showed Agatha that she was willing to sacrifice her life for her daughter.

Despite Agatha’s involvement in Rocco’s and Fabian’s groups, her twins chose to forgive her and even gave her a second chance to make it up to her family and change for the better.

Debbie (Dina Bonnevie) also set aside her own pain by forgiving her husband Norman (Jestoni Anarcon) and helping the triplets and their mother, whom the gynecologist already considers family.

How will Agatha, Carrie, and Erika outsmart their enemies? Will they save their mother before it is too late?

The series comes to a close after an exciting six-month run that changed the face of primetime. “The Blood Sisters” also marked Erich’s first time to portray identical triplets, each with distinct characteristics – her most challenging role to date.

The primetime series also pulls in more viewers compared to its rival program every night, recording an all-time high national TV rating of 28.1% last March 1, according to data from Kantar Media. “The Blood Sisters” has also placed in the top 5 most watched programs on iWant TV since it premiered from February to July this year.

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