Enchong asks Erich: "Will you miss me?"


This must be a rhetorical question because who wouldn’t miss Enchong Dee, right?

With two primetime series already nearing their conclusions, it seems afternoon drama The Blood Sisters might be next in line as Enchong posted an Instagram story with the caption “Last 2 weeks”. Snuggling up next to him is leading lady Erich Gonzales, so he popped the question, “Will you miss me?” To which she answered “Super.” He then switched to the back camera on his phone and asked if she would miss “him”. We can only see a silhouette, but a giggling Erich gave away his identity when she shouted “Falcon!”

Of course, we would miss all of them when the time comes. Erika and Carrie have all won our hearts with their compassion and fighting spirit. Yes, even Agatha has gained some love for her fierce attitude. It was also fun to see Enchong and Ejay Falcon teaming up with Erich again. So much drama has unfolded and secrets revealed, it would be heartbreaking to see any of them go.