REVIEW: The Blood Sisters treats us to exciting, heart-stopping finale

No other drama could make a “three-lling” finale like this.

And it is quite appropriate for such a series that has gripped us from start to finish with a very provocative plot.

The Blood Sisters finale brought us to the edge of our seats, with those climactic confrontations that were heart-stopping and well-dramatized.

It call came down to Rocco (Jake Cuenca) and Fabian (Dante Rivera) facing Erika and Carrie (Erich Gonzales), respectively, as they pretend to be Agatha in delivering the disputed cash of the crime syndicate.

But it wasn’t long before Rocco blew their cover and realized he was talking to Erika. And when he pursued Erika into another room in the dilapidated complex, Rocco found Carrie talking to Fabian, who was also trying to recover the stash.


Rocco would then face-off with his estranged father, whom he thought was finally on his side but was actually deceiving him just to get his hands on the remaining P400 million Agatha was supposed to give back in exchange for Adele’s life. After Fabian castigated Rocco and again treated him with much condescension, reminding him that he was still the bastard son he despised. Rocco pulled the trigger out of anger and killed Fabian.

Rocco would then regret his actions and weep as he held on to Fabian before he breathed his last.
Suddenly Fabian’s legitimate son Greg (Ian de Leon) resurfaces and was shocked to see his slain father and immediately attacked Rocco, manhandling him to a pulp. But Rocco had something up his sleeves, a concealed pocket knife, which he used in stabbing Greg to death.

Disfigured face

As Erika and Carrie fled the gory scene, Rocco was again in pursuit. They would then face each other in another room, where Rocco would again threaten their lives. But Erika finds two flammable spray canisters and gives Carrie one of them. They would then strike at Rocco, who was also about to put the entire room on fire with a lighter, Erika and Carrie then sprayed on Rocco, igniting a combustion that incinerated his face.

Rocco would then lose his balance and even fall out of an open window. But when Carrie and Erika checked, Rocco was gone. They would then leave the area to ask for help.

When he saw a mirror, Rocco discovered that his face was disfigured once more due to the burns he got—something that really devastated him. It was because of his face being disfigured that he lost his way and a reason why Fabian abandoned him as a child.

While Agatha (Erich Gonzales) and Tonyo (Ejay Falcon) were able to free their Adele and tried to flee, Rocco’s underling emerged and tried to stop them. But Tonyo overpowered him and allowed Agatha and Adele to run off. Rocco caught up with them and locked them up in a room. But as Rocco left, little did he know that Carrie and Erika returned and was nearby, dismantling the lock with an axe and freed their mom and sister.

Joining forces

Rocco would then reemerge to impede their escape. And when Rocco hit Adele, the three blood sisters dramatically joined forces to beat up Rocco, who seemed overwhelmed by their combined strength and would hurtle into an unstable steel structure that collapsed on him, rendering him unconscious.

Tonyo also subdued two more of Rocco’s men before police arrived. Adele, together with her beloved triplets, are now free.

And after this thrilling encounter had ended, and the key figures of the syndicate had either been killed or arrested, the illegal child trafficking operation fell and the sold children had been returned to their families.

What’s more touching was that Erika, Carrie, and Agatha had all reconciled and enjoy life they truly wanted—as one happy and contented family united by blood.

Incredible acting

This finale truly gripped us with the lead cast’s incredible acting.

Jake Cuenca again overdid himself with one of his most impressive portrayals as Rocco. He really made us hate him for his evil deeds, yet understand him for what he went through. 

Another riveting performance was from Cherry Pie Picache, who really touched our hearts with the way she portrayed that selfless, unconditional mom we all want in our lives in protecting her kids.

But of course the most impressive was Erich Gonzales, who efficiently delineated the three characters she portrayed, making us truly believed that we are encountering three different individuals with disparate backgrounds and backstories, who would then dramatically coalesce in the end as true Blood Sisters.

Hats off to the creative and production teams of this impressive teleserye, led by directors Jojo Saguin and Roderick Lindayag, that became one suspenseful, noteworthy, and compelling program to watch each late afternoon throughout its six-month run.

Netizens were likewise left in awe.