7 Reasons Why Marco Saison Is Your Boyfriend Goals

Looking for love in this day and age is definitely not easy. Finding a good man has become a challenge for many years already. However, the right guy for you is not impossible to find. He’s just out there, maybe you just haven’t met him yet. In the daytime drama series “The Better Half,” Camille (Shaina Magdayao) was lucky enough to meet two really good men in her life, Rafael (JC de Vera) and Marco (Carlo Aquino). Today, let us list down the 7 reasons why Marco is “boyfriend goals,” the ideal man many women dream to have in their lives.

1. He protects and defends you from people who are hurting you.

He’s even willing to hurt himself to do just that.

2. He loves to surprise you with gifts.

And he knows that a bouquet of flowers never fails to make you smile.

3. He wants to spend quality time with you.

He also understands when you’re too busy and don’t have time for him.

4. He never gets tired of expressing his love through simple acts of service.


5. He is not afraid to tell you how he really feels.

“Ikaw na lang ang kulang.”

6. He will never ever give up on you.

Because he promised to love you until his dying day, and he really meant it.

7. He never gets tired of saying how much he loves you.

And he is always there for you. ALWAYS.

He will do everything to make you happy because he loves you no matter what, even when you’re already with someone else.

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