LOOK: 5 truths that make Marco “The Better Half” for Camille

After Bianca’s (Denise Laurel) mind-blowing secret was finally unraveled, leaving Marco (Carlo Aquino) infuriated, Camille’s (Shaina Magdayao) already settled married life with Rafael (JC de Vera) has gone into disarray in the highly captivating The Better Half on Kapamilya Gold.

The program’s aficionados know that Marco was Camille’s first love and husband, but since she thought he had been killed in a plane crash and had endured the worst in moving on from the tragedy, Camille ended up in the arms of the one who lifted her up from her misery, Rafael.

While Bianca thought her obsession for Marco will prevail, no matter how much she tried to keep him away from Camille, they still crossed paths and the flames of true love raged once more.

However, this is much to the chagrin of not only Bianca, but Rafael as well. After all, Camille already has a husband, a good one at that. Yet, a lot of viewers still think Camille should really end up in the arms of her first and true love. Here are the reasons why.

1. First love never dies.

We know it’s too cliché but it is true to many couples who have been each other’s sweetheart since the first time they’ve met. And maybe even with Marco and Camille’s love story.

They once had a happy and contented relationship. They couldn’t take their eyes off each other and their love is definitely beyond compare. Thus, a marriage was indeed expected, a celebration of a relationship that could withstand the test of time.

Despite having dissociative amnesia and being stuck in the story made up by his new wife Bianca, his mind undeniably still contains tons of memories of him and Camille, and maybe even his heart still subconsciously beats for her.

2. He’s a knight in shining armor.

Camille and Marco first met when the former and Manong Julio (Zeppi Borromeo) were being harassed while on their stroll. Marco witnessed the incident and fought the harassers off. However, he got thrusted with a knife in his waist so the two brought him to their house to give him first-aid. That’s when Julio started calling him “savior” and he formally asked for Camille’s parents’ consent to court her.

3. He appreciates the simple things in life.

Who won’t love someone who is drawn to the beauty of the sunset and a sky full of stars? Perhaps, one of the kilig-est moments of Marco and Camille was when they gazed to the night sky atop a jeepney roof when they were still younger. Do you agree?

4. He has ‘palabra de honor’.

When Susan (Nadia Montenegro), Camille’s mother, relayed to Marco how his and Camille’s romance bloomed, she recounted the very first day he asked for their permission to pursue her and how he kept his word about waiting for them to finish their education first before going on to a commitment. And he indeed kept his promise. He even heeded to his vow to Camille of coming back immediately to her arms just before he departed to Dubai, but not just in the way they expected it. Sadly, his ‘palabra de honor’ vanished during the annulment discussions as he realized that his love for Camille is unwaveringly strong.

5. He loves Camille so much.

Marco has loved Camille so much that it led to a terrible turn of events. But he’s willing to face insurmountable odds just to have first and only love back in his arms.

Aren’t these enough reasons for Camille to go back to Marco? Witness as how far will it take Marco (Carlo Aquino) to fight for his love for Camille in The Better Half, weekdays after Pusong Ligaw on Kapamilya Gold.