REVIEW: We all laughed at Sharon and this made “The Voice Kids” even more enjoyable

This is most apparent with the way she interacts with the contestants, informing them about the true merits of how they performed in the Blind Auditions, while revealing the snags that’s acceptable and comprehensible in the eyes and ears of a child. For the viewers, Sharon was a pleasing balancing factor that evens out the mentoring with a third “coach” that is more focused on the overall impact of the kid—not just simply, no pun intended, the voice.

Sharon likewise delighted viewers with her humor, especially in her banter with fellow judges as they woo the contestants to join their teams. That “Broadway Centrum” actress dig at Lea was amusing, as with the reenactment of that famous scene from Bituing Walang Ningning.

And, it seemed Sharon was destined for comic relief during the show when her seat malfunctioned making her spin 360 degrees back to her original position when she turned her seat for 11-year-old Noel Comia, Jr., who sang Smokey Mountain’s “Can This Be Love?”.


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