REVIEW: We all laughed at Sharon and this made “The Voice Kids” even more enjoyable
Season 3 of The Voice Kids retains its unmistakable charm of both parading impressive young singing talents and showing the beauty of their childhood amid their early struggles in life. But the most compelling factor behind early surge of the new season’s premiere episodes last weekend in both the ratings game and its trending might on social is the animated, colorful, and spot-on presence of the judges, their playful yet sometimes heated scramble in persuading these kids to join their teams, and neophyte judge Sharon Cuneta’s seemingly perfect addition to the program.

Yes, we all love the grit and tenacity of Lea Salonga, Bamboo Manalac, and erstwhile judge Sarah Geronimo in bringing out and flaunting their menacing flair as mentors and jurors. But Sharon is Sharon and the Megastar adds a certain allure that she alone can bring and deliver. It’s not only the aptitude needed to guide and teach these kids the rudiments of being a young performer, but also injecting the wit and charisma, including that comforting motherly tone, that viewers find delightful and fitting for a child-focused talent program.


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