REVIEW: The Story of Us premiere offers epic start to compelling love story

In one grand, epic piece, The Story of Us commenced.

Fitting as the ambitious teleserye’s premiere episode, it shows the vast, picturesque setting in captivating Palawan and presents the colorful characters that would enliven the show.

And, it gives the audience a good depiction of how Macoy (Xian Lim) and Tin (Kim Chiu) grew to love and fight for one another and make one monumental journey together.

Also, for a change in this pilot episode, we see the actors not garbed and deglamorized to present a realistic and honest picture of two seaside youths, who face their own frustrations and challenges as individuals, yet are strengthened and fulfilled as they take on their difficult lives hand in hand.

Young Tin and Macoy

The young Tin (Alyanna Angeles) is one pesky, no-nonsense, sprightly little girl who is smart and very observant of her surroundings. She is particularly close to her dad (John Arcilla), who reared her with her foster mother Carmy (Aiko Melendez). They set foot on the scenic islands seeking better opportunities after suffering misfortunes in Bicol. But these opportunities seem farthest from their grasp as an income flow from supposed hordes of tourists were not as what they had expected. Hence, their troubles continue and that her father decided to leave anew to seek better opportunities elsewhere, leaving Tin and Carmy with a newborn in her hands.

The young Macoy (Zaijian Jaranilla), on the other hand, takes his burdensome realities on his shoulder and would try his best to triumph, but with one serious impediment—the cold shoulder from his father (Gardo Versoza). Despite all the cruel remarks and rejection Macoy gets from an uncaring, irresponsible father, he still seeks his attention and acceptance and would even go at great lengths to help his family to his own detriment, such as engaging in illegal quarrying activities that left his foot wounded and limping.

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