REVIEW: The Story of Us finale shows what love truly is

As the old adage goes, being meant for someone entails being set free at first and coming back seals that fate.

That presents love in its most essential, genuine form as depicted in the finale of The Story of Us aired Friday, June 17.

As Macoy (Xian Lim) and Tin (Kim Chiu) were trapped and stranded in a Palawan isle amidst a brewing storm after searching for participants and signatories in neighboring barangays to the livelihood project in El Nido they both had incessantly and passionately worked hard for to get a provincial grant, that flicker has turned into a flame.


They both had rekindled that deep affection, warmth, and even that intimacy they both shared in the past, both to their bliss, albeit momentary. Despite the understandable apprehension, given that Macoy had since been with Lucia (Shaina Magdayao) through all the pain and anguish he had been through, it seemed all had been well with the true love of his life and he was dead set in taking her back.


That all became too apparent in their facial expression as Lucia and Tin’s ex-husband CJ (Bryan Santos) succeeded in locating them. It looked disillusioned as fell short of truly resurrecting the past.

But deep inside, both already had become lovers once more, even as they went away with their separate partners.

And, as Macoy could not hide it anymore, Lucia expressed devastation, desolation and anger when he admitted it in her face, ruing the fact that he promised her nothing would change. This left her no choice but to let him go and decide for himself who would resonate in his heart.

CJ, on the other hand, was more open and accommodating to the love of his life confessing her true feelings, accepting his fate and stepping aside to what should happen for the best of Tin, all in the name of love.


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