From My Girl to Story of Us: The Onscreen Journey of KimXi
Both with Chinese and Filipino ancestry, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim are one of ABS-CBN's well-loved tandems. Kim gained prominence after winning the reality series Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition in 2006. After exiting the house, she starred in the primetime TV series "Sana Maulit Muli" alongside original onscreen partner Gerald Anderson. Xian, on the other hand, started put in a few minor and cameo roles.

One of which is in the Filipino adaptation of "My Girl" in 2008. The remake of the South Korean drama series was topbilled by the love team Kim and Gerald while Xian just made a cameo as a photographer. It wasn't their first project as a love team but it can be considered as KimXi's first project together.

My Girl (2008)

Another Kimerald soap was "Your Song: My Only Hope," which was also in 2008. Xian, on the other hand, was casted for the supporting role Enrico "Rick" Alejandro in the said episode.

Your Song Presents: My Only Hope (2008)

Finally, in 2011, the KimXi love team debuted through the rom-com series "My Binondo Girl." It is the story of Jade Dimaguiba (Kim Chiu), a girl who spent her life craving the approval and acceptance of her Chinese father Chen Sy (Richard Yap). On the other side of the tale is Andy (Xian Lim), who started off as Jade-Yuan's competition but ended up as her support system. The TV drama was a nationwide success and made both actors more popular among viewers.

My Binondo Girl (2011-2012)

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