The Killer Bride takes Geoff Eigenmann to the next level as an actor

Geoff Eigenmann has long been known as a kilig romantic lead with a sleek and debonair image that leaves onlookers swoon. More so with his partners, forming love teams that made fans shriek. He had since become leading man material, with dashing roles on romantic dramas.

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Yet time came when he would go beyond the kilig, and become truly focused on his craft as an actor, similar to the royal showbiz clan he belongs to.

The son of veteran stars Michael de Mesa and Gina Alajar is indeed ready to take on the next level and unveil that part of him we have never seen before.

Becoming a Character Actor

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment.ABS-CBN.com, Geoff shared how he is becoming more serious with his craft. Moving forward from his “prince charming” image, Geoff tells us that he is now willing to play different, more exciting roles.

Marami pa ‘kong hindi naipapakita. Actually, I’ve never played a superhero, I’ve never played a gay role, never been nominated for anything TV or movie… so, any of those would be good,” Geoff shares when asked about what he want to achieve on his career in the years to come.

Geoff said playing the Pinoy superhero Captain Barbell would be a dream come true for him, given that a fellow Mars Ravelo-penned character Darna, to be played by Jane De Leon, is ready take flight.

Siyempre, Captain Barbell is on top of the list. I’m also a fan of Lastikman, Gagamboy… Any, I think as long as babagay sa’kin and I think I can portray the character then why not. Pero feeling ko, pinaka-babagay sa’kin out of all of them, si Captain Barbell.”

When it comes to taking up gay roles, Geoff says:

“Actually, I’m just [thinking about] playing on the character but partner-wise, wala pa naman. Siguro naman kung may project na gano’n ‘yong issue na ita-tackle, I don’t think I’m just gonna be partnered with anyone anyways. Feeling ko mapa-partner ako with someone very, very capable and open to those things also… And I guess, very secured with who he is and walang magiging issues with that.”

With his openness to pursue difficult, daring roles, Geoff would face any challenge that comes with it.  As such, the Kapamilya actor shared how focused and determined he is in giving an exceptional performance as Vito dela Cuesta in The Killer Bride.

The Killer Bride

Geoff shared how the show is contributing a lot on his transformation of being a better actor than he was in the past.

“Before, meron akong ugali na eksena ko lang babasahin ko. I won’t check the rest of the script. But with this one, The Killer Bride, as in gusto kong makita kung ano mangyayari sa bawat character. So, that says a lot about the content of the script already. Kasi with this one, gusto kong basahin talaga lahat, page by page. Even me, as an actor that’s part of it, ayokong may ma-miss ako na detail tungkol sa other characters,” he shared.


Teasing us more about the rare murder-mystery teleserye, Geoff says:

“If I’m not mistaken, The Killer Bride is first of its kind. ‘Yong gano’ng klaseng show… Murder-mystery, very suspense thriller talaga na edge of your seat, mapapaisip ka talaga kung ano ‘yong mangyayari sa mga characters niya. One of the nice things I like about The Killer Bride nga na madalas kong sinasabi, ‘yong mga characters niya, hindi siya i-introduce para maging in and out lang siya at the show kasi kailangan ng ganitong character. But each character was built na may time din na magre-revolve sa kanila ‘yong istorya, para malaman mo ‘yong mga intentions nila, ‘yong mga motibo nila, kung ano ‘yong mga reasons sa actions nila.”

Out of His Comfort Zone

Portraying Vito, Geoff revealed that he is now absolutely veering away from his usual roles.


“With this one, I guess, this is my very first show na tatay na ‘ko. So, I guess the maturity that comes to that will hopefully show. Kasi in the show, meron akong anak pero older than the kids I have now [in real life]. I hope it translates onscreen, the maturity level na iba siya sa mga past roles na sobrang teeny bop,” he tell us.

Describing his role as Vito to be “very challenging”, Geoff exposed the specific challenges he continues to conquer in portraying his character.

“On my part, I’m torn between my family and the love of my life. So, gusto mo i-please both sides but you can’t without hurting the other one ‘e. So, in that sense, mahirap i-translate ‘yong kung paano mo gustong ipakita kung kaninong side ka talaga, story-wise,” he shares.

Apart from the premise of his character, Geoff tells us the difficulties of playing both a young and a matured Vito.

“Actually ang mahirap sa part ni Vito is… Kasi ‘yong characters namin, si Vito and Camila (Maja Salvador), meron kaming past and present. So, merong younger years na we’re 19 years old and present day na 20 years later. May gano’n siya. For me, mahirap ‘yong bumabalik sa pagka-bata. ‘Yong first part ng story namin ni Maja is bata pa kami so, 20 years ago. Medyo mahirap ‘yon kasi kailangan mong [maging] totoy ulit ‘e… with your movements, with your voice.”

Nevertheless, Geoff shares how people behind the drama are helping him and his co-actors to deliver their characters well.

Sila Direk Dado (Lumibao), always naman ‘pag may ginagawa kaming maganda sa eksena, we’re always applauded for it and if there’s something naman na hindi sila masaya about, sasabihin nila sa’min kung kailangan mo siyang ulitin. It’s gonna be done the way it should be done na [dapat] pasok sa istorya,” he says.

His Inspiration to take on the challenge

It is indeed tough to take on the next level. Still, Geoff is always up to face everything having his kids as his inspiration. He shared how being a father has changed him, and conveyed how his children’s existence fuels him to be better.

Sobrang ibang klase ‘yong inspiration na binibigay nila sa’kin. Wala na akong ginagawa para sa sarili ko, it’s for them now. I have mouths to feed, minds and hearts to nourish… so, iba na talaga. Parenthood na talaga. They inspire me every day,” he says.

Looking Forward

Unlike other celebrities, Geoff shares how eager he is to see his kids rise up in the industry as the next generation of the Eigenmann family of actors. He even want to work with them someday, saying:

Sana man lang, I guess when my kids are older, makatrabaho ko sila… or [to be in] a show na makakasama ko more than one member of the family.”

In fact, Geoff dreams about having the whole Eigenmann family to be working in one project.

Kasi family-wise, halos lahat nakatrabaho ko na rin pero isa-isa lang, hindi sabay-sabay. Hopefully, we get to do something with the whole family. I think that’s gonna be awesome, it’s gonna be super… that’s something that’s never been done and feeling ko it’s something na pwedeng abangan ng mga tao,” he shares.

Indeed, an improved and innovative Geoff Eigenmann is coming our way. See a version of him that you have never seen before on the much-awaited primetime series titled The Killer Bride, premiering Monday, August 12 on Primetime Bida.