3 lessons parents can learn from Gloria’s “Greatest Love”

A mother’s love is one that is never surpassed—one that is considered as the Greatest Love.\

And, definitely, the hit afternoon drama The Greatest Love depicted this kind of love in all its glory, complete with all the hardships and tribulations that go with it—most especially in the midst of a scourge called Alzheimer’s Disease.

And, Gloria (Sylvia Sanchez) showed how much love a mother can give to her children, even if she is wrongfully scorned and abandoned by them. Indeed mothers, or fathers as well, see Gloria’s example as an inspiration in their quest to be the best parents they can be.

Here are some of the salient qualities of a parent anyone can learn from Gloria

1. She genuinely loves her children unconditionally

Even if Amanda (Dimples Romana) berates her or Paeng (Arron Villaflor) fools her, Gloria would remain steadfast in expressing her love. She would not take any isolated instance or even the grandest of misgivings to make her lose her love for her children. She would love them with all her heart, with all her soul without anything in return.

2. She treats her children as individuals and loves each of them dearly

The Greatest Love depicts a reality among families so accurately. Even if they are of the same blood—they are so different in many ways. Even if they’re siblings, having the same parents, they all are individual persons who may have different tastes, outlooks, and even sexual preferences. As such, just like Gloria, parents should accept and love each of them for what they truly are and respect their decisions in life.

3. She believes in her children’s own capacity to love

Even if your children made life difficult for you, never doubt how much they can also express the kind of love you show them. Just like Gloria, you must always believe in your children’s love no matter how deeply hidden it is in their hearts. Thus, to nurture this among your children, all you have to do is love them more. As such, as everything turned for the worst for Gloria, when Alzheimer’s Disease has set in, the genuine, greatest love she cultivated in their hearts became her own saving grace—Amanda, Andrei (Matt Evans), Lizelle (Andi Eigenmann), and Paeng being there for her no matter what.

Some say parenting is thankless, difficult. But with the kind of love Gloria has shown, nurturing it among your children makes parenting rewarding and fulfilling.