Andi: “The Greatest Love” made me a better person, “think ahead” for daughter Ellie

The Greatest Love is one drama that surely affects us all deeply.

But the impact reverberates in the lives of its cast members most especially, as the characters they portray leave so many life lessons they actually bring to their real lives.

Take the case of Andi Eigenmann, who plays the kindhearted and responsible Lizelle in the series. She said in an exclusive one-on-one interview with that her character made her a “better person.”


“Just as the characters I’ve portrayed in the past, it (The Greatest Love) helped me improve as a person. It deepened my sense of compassion in such a way, especially my character Lizelle, she the kindhearted, the good daughter,” she said.

It thus inspired her to apply those “attributes” of the character in real life.

“You know it’s so right when you bring a certain type of character to life, and that character embodies certain values and morals that you maybe didn’t realize that actually agree with. Being able to marry yourself somehow allows me to adopt certain attributes of Lizelle that will subconsciously stick,” she added.

Being sensitive

How did Lizelle change her?

“It made me become more sensitive as a person,” Andi stressed. “It made me realize things that I would never think of if I’m not faced with these situations that I faced in the show.”

And being the best mom for her daughter Ellie was a cherished takeaway.

“It (The Greatest Love) allowed me to look deeper and more into the future in terms of what’s in store for me as a mom,” Andi said. “It allowed me to think ahead in terms of my decisions for my daughter and the kind of mom I would like to be.”


Andi describes her relationship with her daughter as “unconventional,” but portraying a character in a traditional family expanded her perspective on being a mom.

“I’m a young mom. Everybody knows that. Ellie and I are an unconventional duo. The Greatest Love allowed me to recognize a more traditional family and be able to expose myself in a setup that I’m not used to, that I’m not accustomed to. So the show allowed me to look forward, unknowingly look forward in the sense that I’m able to see more than what I see as a mom, as Andi, the mother.”

Andi now sees herself dedicating more time for her daughter and her loved ones.


“Time is precious. We should not forget that living life is more important than making a living. So, we shouldn’t forget to always make time to be with our loved ones and make the memories that will actually count,” Andi noted.

As for the show, Andi feels so happy and proud of its merits.

“It feels great to know that something that we really put our heart in, something we really work hard on is being recognized by a lot of Filipinos. I’m so proud to be part of a show that really sends a good message and has good morals involved in this story in order for more people to know more about, in this case, Alzheimer’s Disease.”