“The Greatest Love” delivers most meaningful message to children

How special is The Greatest Love to children?

No other television drama imparted a forceful and touching message to children than this hit afternoon drama, which will draw to a close in a few weeks.

What else can compel children to forget grudges and conflicts and instead focus on the most important matter at hand—the deteriorating slide of their beloved mother to a terrible form of dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease?

Poignant reminder

And this made The Greatest Love so successful. It relays a poignant reminder all of us relate to—loving your mother with all your heart as she herself did to us. And this applies to everyone regardless of their destiny—whether you succeeded in your life goals or not.

Amanda (Dimples Romana) had all the reasons not to care, having the stature and an already established life beyond the humble walls of Gloria’s (Sylvia Sanchez) home. How can she look back given the years of resentment over Gloria’s past—having a supposed love child Lizelle (Andi Eigenmann) out of wedlock. But it took a dramatic turn of events that made her realize the importance of forgiveness and acceptance and became the loving child she truly was.


For her part, Lizelle shows the dedication we all need to have in being there for our mothers. Despite all the antipathy and scorn she felt being the only child of a different father and still remained steadfast in her love for Gloria are qualities we should emulate as children.

Andrei (Matt Evans) also expressed his unconditional love and dedication to his mother despite having all the freedom to choose otherwise, being an accomplished stylist. And of course, Paeng (Arron Villaflor), who could have just lived a life on his own with his boorish, difficult attitude that made life an ordeal for the Alegres, but instead changed his ways as an expression of love for Gloria. And this started from a spark of affection from Amanda’s child Z (Joshua Garcia), who had always been close and affectionate to his grandmother and first learned of her debilitating disease.

Very touching

For viewers it was very touching to see all of Gloria’s children come together in the face of her affliction with Alzheimer’s Disease. Especially those moments when they completely realize how much they love their beloved mother and regret they did not show it much earlier, when they still had all the time to express it.

Thus, “The Greatest Love” delivers the most meaningful message to children: love your parents unconditionally with all your heart and soul, and not take them for granted before it’s too late, like when an illness like Alzheimer’s Disease would take them away from us forever.