Just like a mother’s love, The Greatest Love is also for brothers and sisters

Since its premiere episode, the essence of the hit afternoon drama The Greatest Love was nothing more than unconditional love for family.

This heralded not only how much we should express that kind of love to our parents, especially our mothers, but also extend that selfless affection to our siblings no matter how distant, distinct or disparate they’ve become.

Especially for a dysfunctional family Gloria (Sylvia Sanchez) nurtured, such love becomes more poignant for the siblings—brothers and sisters who must accept and adjust to the situation. The Greatest Love all the more gives reason to bridge those gaps and seek inclusion and harmony among these children in the face of such a devastating condition affecting their mother.

Amanda (Dimples Romana) might have become so hateful of the circumstances that plagued her family, including those hurtful revelations of having been conceived by rape that led Gloria to initially consider aborting her. But her journey towards forgiveness and acceptance of what Gloria and her siblings has gone through was truly something any brother or sister should take to heart.

Lizelle’s (Andi Eigenmann) hurtful reality of being the illegitimate child at first had been a tempting reason to bail out, but being the resilient and understanding woman that she is strengthened her resolve to stick it out and become a responsible and caring daughter and half-sister.

While Andrei (Matt Evans) had been successful in his career as a stylist, he would never think of anything else but the welfare of his mom. But this led to become at loggerheads with his siblings, whom he would always take to task for their shortcomings. His filial concern, however, is very much admirable. With so many ordeals the family have faced, it’s good to see how brings everyone back to their senses—a role any sibling should take.

Paeng’s (Arron Villaflor) transformation from a no-good, uncaring bloke to one who’d see the importance of family in his life was very moving. He has given hope to those sons and brothers who had gone astray and make them realize what they’re missing.

As we witness how the bickering, clashes, heartbreaks and conflict unfold among these siblings, we are still very much inspired with how they painfully walk together in facing a dreadful scourge of Gloria’s Alzheimer’s Disease.

Such an illness, as we have learned throughout the series, is not an ordeal for the afflicted, but moreso one hurtful torment of the aggrieved family. As such, we are delighted to see how brothers and sisters work hand in hand to deal with the situation and offer their Greatest Love to Gloria and one another.