FEB-IBIG IN THE GREATEST LOVE: 5 ways Y and Z are solving the equation for love

This February, love is definitely in the air! Even in the daytime family drama series “The Greatest Love”, we experience the happiness of teen love through Z (Joshua Garcia) and Y (Kira Balinger). These two characters remind us of our teenage years when we were still just like them, feeling love for the very first time and trying to figure out what it really meant. Today, as we celebrate Feb-ibig, let us look back at some of their kilig moments that show the 5 ways they are solving the equation for love.


Z first met Y when she snatched his phone and he chased after her as fast as he could. When he finally caught her and got his phone back, he was stunned when he saw her innocent-looking face. She then told him not to trust anyone, especially strangers like her.


After finding out that Z’s grandmother Gloria (Sylvia Sanchez) was home already, Y opened up to Z and told him that he is the only true friend that she has.


When Z dropped by at the coffee shop where Y was working, he was enthralled and mesmerized when he first saw her transformation after the makeover.


After overhearing Z’s conversation with his friend, Y avoided him but Z went to her and finally confessed his true feelings to her. However, she remained skeptical and unsure about his intentions.


Having spent more times together, Z and Y became even more closer and their friendship got even deeper. When he paid her a visit at the coffee shop, they shared a romantic moments while looking at his gift ideas for his mommyla’s 60th birthday.

What do you think is the score of Z and Y? Are they the perfect match? Will they finally solve the equation of love?

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