5 Heartwarming Moments of Z and Gloria in The Greatest Love

They say grandchildren never outgrow the arms of their grandmothers. In the talked-about daytime series “The Greatest Love, the heartwarming moments between Z (Joshua Garcia) and his MommyLa Gloria (Sylvia Sanchez) is a testament to this. Throughout the months, Z and Gloria never failed to make each other feel loved especially during their bad days. Today, let us look back at their 5 heartwarming moments together.

Z surprised and greeted his MommyLa on her birthday at her favorite hideout place. He made sure that his MommyLa would feel extra special on her special day. He also thought of making Gloria’s video diaries and he shot the first ever video there.


When Gloria was feeling emotional, Z called and checked up on her. He told her that even if her birthday party won’t push through, he’d still go to her and visit her. He also asked forgiveness on behalf of his mother Amanda (Dimples Romana).


After Gloria’s condition was revealed to her children, Z brought his MommyLa to her room and tried to calm her down. Since she no longer recognized them, Z also tried to remind her of who they were in her life.

Z also accompanied her and made sure she was feeling better after the incident. He hummed her favorite tune until she finally fell asleep.

When Z had a misunderstanding with Y (Kira Balinger), he video called his MommyLa and told her about what happened. Gloria then gave him some advices about how he should deal with the situation.

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