Gloria’s steady, heartbreaking slide to Alzheimer’s in “The Greatest Love”

It definitely is devastating news for anyone to learn he or she has a mentally regressive and debilitating illness.

Worse, if that illness would not only impair how you normally live your life on a daily basis, but also hurtfully forgetting the most treasured memories, and worse failing to recognize all the loved ones who made those happen.

That misfortune came about in Gloria’s (Sylvia Sanchez) frail and troubled consciousness as doctors confirmed to her that she had Alzheimer’s Disease, a growing affliction affecting a rising percentage of the total 8.8 million Filipinos over the age of 60.


It was definitely so agonizing to witness Gloria learning about her condition, as she was in utter denial. She had so much difficulty accepting this currently incurable disease, as those initial signs may not have been alarming.

Unwittingly, Gloria had already exhibited telltale signs like forgetting to wear the right shoes for a certain activity.


And, calling people she deals with very closely on a daily basis by wrong names.


She would also lose consciousness, and forget all that transpired before that.


Also, her difficulty in distinguishing the brake from the accelerator would also make unable to drive a car.


Given these symptoms, Gloria was urged to go see a neurologist, an ominous predicament she feared.


And as the brain specialist would have her undergo neuropsychological exams that tests short term memory, the results were beyond question.


As Gloria further faces this formidable illness, it is quite challenging for Gloria to do it alone. Thus, doctors indicate that Alzheimer’s Disease is primarily a “family disease”—a challenge the whole family must face. And here lies an even tougher quandary, which Gloria herself admits, having her children support and assist her, much less recognize or even accept the heartbreaking situation she is in.