REVIEW: The Greatest Love Finale is truly unforgettable

Never has a drama series become so close to anyone’s heart.

This is because it tackles something that touches our whole being—a story about family, and the unconditional love it should foster.

And now, as The Greatest Love drew to a close on Friday, April 21, no other finale has gripped viewers so much with the intense overflowing of grief because of Gloria’s (Sylvia Sanchez) passing, the wake and requiem mass that followed and the emotional send-off and burial.

Message of love

From the time Paeng (Arron Villaflor) strummed that guitar singing “Iingatan Ka” to Amanda (Dimples Romana) and Lizelle’s (Andi Eigenmann) moving tributes during the Mass, the episode was masterfully written and directed to really bring that message of love across for one last time.

The somber staging and the poignant pacing of scenes further accentuated its effectiveness in touching people’s hearts. Most especially a script that’s so well-written and far-reaching that made viewers reach out and hug their moms. Truly unforgettable.

But the most exceptional factor in the success of not only this finale but the rest of the series was how each cast member portrayed their characters. They had not merely acted their way through the series, but they actually made their characters so influential, credible, deeply felt, and in this episode, so heartbreaking that we actually felt their grief and cried with them throughout.

It was like we ourselves had also lost someone so dear.

Directors Mervyn Brondial and Paco Sta Maria made it all possible by really motivating all the actors to give their best, and have them immerse into the characters so viewers feel close to and relate with. 


Dimples Romana, Andi Eigenmann, Matt Evans (Andrei), Arron Villaflor and Joshua Garcja (Z) became revelations throughout the series, but moreso in the final two episodes where they really gave their most noteworthy performances as grieving children.

Yet the most breathtaking performance actually still came from Sylvia Sanchez, who still extended her breakout depiction of Gloria with a peaceful and fulfilled expression as she laid in a coffin. You could still can’t help sensing her warmth, loving nature, and fulfillment as a mother even as she laid lifeless. And, later being so happy for her as she still found her forever true love Peter (Noni Buencamino) in the after life.

But the show’s most remarkable accomplishment is getting through the minds and hearts of the people with its message of love for the family. Here are some netizens who expressed acclaim for the show and adulation for the cast and of course gratitude in bringing sense and meaning into their lives.