8 times Obet proved he is a “Good Son”



He might be considered as the "black sheep" of the family for always inciting quarrels against his younger brother Joseph (Joshua Garcia) and Enzo (Jerome Ponce), but what lies beneath his “warfreak” facade is a doting young man.


Obet (McCoy de Leon) actually used to be cheerful, optimistic, and loving before an unfortunate event traumatized him. This sparked his rage towards almost everyone around him and bitterness in life.

As The Good Son approaches its highly anticipated ending, let's reminisce the moments when Obet showed his affectionate side.

1. Peace-loving

He and their mom Raquel (Mylene Dizon) had a misunderstanding. Thus, in order for them to reconcile, he kept it short and sweet by giving her a handful of her favorite candies.

2. Optimistic

Amidst the challenges beleaguering them, Obet was still hopeful that everything would turn out fine in the end. He continued to dream big and yearn for a better life for their family.

3. Unwavering love for his dad Arthur

Although they're not living together at the same house, his relationship with his father Arthur (Alex Medina) has remained strong and vowed to help him as long as he can.

4. Humble

After another dissension, Obet was the first to reach out and apologized to his mother by preparing coffee for her as a kind of peace offering.

5. Assuring

Their loving Nanay blamed herself for his speech defect. But he quelled her anxiety and told her that he would take care of himself.

6. Appreciative

Before he became the notorious apoplectic guy, he was tender to everyone around him, especially to his mom. He appreciated everything she did for them and was expressive of his love for her.

7. Obedient

During one of their heart-to-heart conversations, Obet showed his earnestness to every word Raquel uttered and take her every advice to heart.

8. Regretful

Now that their beloved mom is gone, he professed his regret for being so stubborn and the cause of her heartaches during the eulogy of her funeral.

Obet reminded us to not easily judge others because each of us has our own story to tell.

Is there a chance for him to go back to his old self? Let's see on the forthcoming finale of The Good Son, weeknights after Bagani on Primetime Bida.