Sabel’s deep, real motherly love for Rhian in The General’s Daughter

Sabel and Rhian may be strangers to one another.  But, the relationship they built with time proves that true motherly love stems from the heart. 

Rhian (Angel Locsin) met an accident in the sea. In a surprising work of fate, the waves drove her off the shores of Santo Francisco. In there, Sabel (Maricel Soriano) saw her lying unconscious and in need of rescue. Since then, Sabel has provided her the motherly affection she was deprived of. In Sabel’s arms, Rhian has found her true home.

There is a special connection that ties them together. This invisible string is strong enough to make Rhian unafraid of getting vulnerable in front of Sabel. In a heartfelt conversation flooded with tears and woes, Rhian undauntedly confessed her real identity. She boldly disclosed her life as a treacherous spy with a vile mission.

The fearless act of unmasking her true self comes from Rhian’s certainty that Sabel will never judge her. 

A mother figure that she truly is, Sabel continued to shower Rhian with unwavering acceptance despite her shady character. She sees nothing but Rhian’s golden heart and it has always been enough to make her love Rhian unconditionally. She would often urge her to use the heart as a constant map. Sabel insists it is the only instrument that will never lead Rhian astray. 

Nothing can seem to diminish Sabel's love for Rhian until a tragedy almost tore them apart. The town of Santo Francisco was set on fire. Upon knowing that Rhian’s father, Tiyago (Tirso Cruz III) was the brains behind the incident, Sabel suddenly turned cold. Just like in any other relationships, Rhian and Sabel’s were put to test. But, the dispute easily faded away as forgiveness and acceptance still triumphed in the end. 

When tired of playing games in the city, Rhian would run to Sabel for comfort. She would cry on her shoulders like a little child. After all, there is no one else who could ease her pain than her Nanang.  

In times of uncertainty, Sabel never fails to give Rhian a clearer perspective of things. Her wisdom, showered with sincerity and concern, helps Rhian make wiser decisions. Sabel always enlightens Rhian through her honest advice. For an instance, Sabel asked Rhian to stop blaming herself when things do not go as planned. She sympathized with Rhian and told her that making mistakes is just a part of every fight. At the end of it all, what matters is the drive to become a better person. 


Like any typical mother, Sabel never stops worrying about Rhian’s safety. She would often cry and beg Rhian to keep safe in her missions. If only she has a choice, Sabel would want to always keep Rhian near her and protect her always. 

Sabel proved that selflessness and sacrifice are natural attributes of motherhood. Even if it means depriving herself of her own needs, she still handed Rhian her spare money. For Sabel, it is just a little act of paying it forward. Every little act of sacrifice is nothing compared to the joy and kindness she gets from Rhian. 

Rhian and Sabel are often far away from one another due to their nomad lives. Yet, distance never hinders the love between them. After all, Sabel is Rhian’s home. Sabel looks forward to the day when she and Rhian will be together again. “We will wait for you”, Sabel told her beloved daughter. 

Rhian and Sabel shed light on what truly makes up an unbreakable mother-child relationship. Theirs is not rooted from blood but simply bound by acceptance, respect, care, and selflessness. This Mother's Day, let Rhian and Sabel inspire us to honor the heroism of the women who give us light. Catch more of these heartfelt moments in The Generals’ Daughter, weeknights in Primetime Bida.