7 times Rhian did the right thing to stop Heneral Tyago’s evil plans in The General’s Daughter

They say that when you know you have the power to help change things for the better, you must grab the opportunity and do what you can. 2nd Lt. Rhian Bonfacio (Angel Locsin) of The General’s Daughter embodies that proverb. Knowing that she can make a difference, Rhian chose to do the right thing. She did everything in her power to end the crimes of her father Santiago Guerrero, Sr. or Heneral Tiago (Tirso Cruz III), even though it deeply breaks her heart. Here are some of her bravest moves in blocking her father’s evil plans.


1. Giving a tip about David Pascal’s arrival

One of her father’s greatest assets in his illegal business is the man named David Pascal (Ruben Maria Soriquez). Knowing that having David captured by the military will be a great loss to his father and a huge gain for the army, Rhian gives a tip to Brigadier General Marcial De Leon (Albert Martinez) about David’s arrival in Aurora.

2. Saving the townspeople of Barrio Sto. Francisco

Learning that the townspeople of Sto. Francisco is one of the main reasons why Rhian is having a change of heart, Heneral Tiago ordered his men to kill all of them. Upon knowing about this, Rhian immediately went to rescue the people whom she considered as her second family.

3. Protecting Sabel, Elai and the remaining townspeople of Sto. Francisco

Being aware that her father knew about what she had done, Rhian knows that the lives of her beloved people Isabel “Sabel” Sarmiento (Maricel Soriano), Elaijah “Elai” Sarmiento (Arjo Atayde) and the other remaining folks from Sto. Francisco are all still in danger even after she saved them. Thus, she does her best to protect them by helping them hide from Heneral Tiago’s henchman.

4. Getting to know Tyago’s illegal businesses so she could take it down

Rhian saw that getting to know more about Tiago’s illegal business is the best way to stop it. It will enable her to discover more information, which she can give secretly to the army to help put an end to his father’s crimes.

5. Sabotaging the illegal operations

As she goes with Heneral Tiago’s strongest and most trusted henchman named Franco Segismundo (Paulo Avelino), Rhian made a smart move to carefully get Franco’s phone without him being aware of it. With that, Rhian was able to get the information she needed to sabotage the illegal operations that his father commanded and the other aspects of his father’s illegal business.

6. Giving a tip about David Pascal’s hideout

For the second time, Rhian gave a tip to Brig. Gen. Marcial regarding his father’s business partner and great asset David Pascal. She sent a private message about the exact location of David Pascal’s hideout.

7. Secretly handing over a solid evidence

Eager to put an end to her father’s crimes, Rhian decided to hand over some solid evidence which will let the Army halt Heneral Tiago’s illegal business. Maintaining to hide her big helpful moves, Rhian leaves the evidence in the windshield of Brig. Gen. Marcial’s car.

Now, Rhian did the bravest and most heart-breaking move she can do to put an end to her father’s crimes. She became an asset of the government and her every move contributes in the process of sending Heneral Tiago into prison.

Like Rhian, we must also choose to do the right thing no matter how difficult the situation is.

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