How Marcial became the real dad Rhian always wanted on The General’s Daughter

Many have long idolized fictional superheroes, from generation to generation, from kids to adults, with some even imitating how they look and even wanting to have the superpowers they possess. While all of these are just part of comic book fanfare, one thing is for sure: one real, living superhero exists in our lives and with that power above anything imaginable, their love—that is, our fathers.

It’s that time of the year again when we celebrate Father’s Day. Each of us has a different story to tell about how important our dad has been in our lives. Some would be very showy to their fathers, expressing sweet gestures to them, while others may not be very demonstrative but they would make sure that they would, in any way, make their dads feel that they are truly appreciated and loved.

One of the most followed dad and daughter relationship on Philippine television today is the relationship between Rhian Bonifacio (Angel Locsin) and General Marcial de Leon (Albert Martinez) on The General’s Daughter. It was very evident how the two somehow cared for each other before knowing how related they are to each other. Let us take a look back on how their relationship grew throughout the show.

How they first met

A very big assignment and responsibility was tasked to the military headed by Marcial as they were about to hunt international terrorists who were also known to have been involved in smuggling, extortion, prostitution, illegal drug trade, and human trafficking.

Rhian finally came back to the camp after suffering from a temporary amnesia. Here she finally met Jessie (Ryza Cenon), Ethan’s (JC De Vera) ex-girlfriend. Little did Ethan know that Rhian was trying to get close to him just so she can use him to accomplish her plans. Jessie somehow felt there was something about Rhian and her intentions but she decided to just keep it to herself.

Tiago (Tirso Cruz III) has always instilled in Rhian’s mind that Marcial is a bad guy, an enemy, greatly because according to him, Marcial was the one who killed her sibling. When the two finally met, Rhian did not know how to react immediately having all of the stories about him Tiago told her. But Rhian tried her best to contain all the emotions and showed to Marcial that she’s happy to finally meet him.

Marcial tells Rhian that she looks familiar


Rhian has never forgotten about her goal as Tiago never ceased to remind her of it. Growing up, Rhian has always wanted to make Tiago proud that is why she would always obey whatever it is that her father instructs her to do, including going to the military and spying on Marcial as Tiago knows he’s involved in illegal activities.

Even though Rhian sees Marcial as the mortal enemy, she would always make it look like she looks up to him. One time, the two got to have a longer conversation than the one they had during their first meeting. Marcial told Rhian that he knew about what happened to her but she, in return, assured him that she has already recovered from her amnesia.

During the same conversation, Marcial told Rhian he thinks she’s familiar but he just could not pinpoint where exactly he possibly met her before. Rhian replies by assuring it was the first time they met.

Marcial vows to find the truth


Rhian became allegedly involved in an incident inside the camp’s record station that was seriously investigated. While she was about to see Marcial to explain that she was innocent, she saw Corazon (Eula Valdez). Corazon really thinks that Rhian has a good heart. Even though Rhian tries to prove to Marcial that she does not know anything about the incident, Marcial still insists that he won’t stop until he finds out the truth behind it.

Marcial sympathizes with Rhian


Rhian felt bad and sorry for Regie Domingo (Romer Peralta) and his pregnant wife’s death. At first, she thought Tiago was behind the murder so she went home wanting to know the truth from him. Tiago then denied Rhian’s accusations and twisted the story, saying that the military caused their death since the victims were under the troops when it happened. In return, Rhian still sided with Tiago and believed him.

Because Rhian felt like she was not able to save Regie and his wife, she could not contain her emotions and would cry in agony. One time, Marcial saw her in a corner crying so he did not hesitate to go to her and tried to comfort her.

Marcial tells Rhian she’s welcome to the family


Marcial and Rhian were talking about the latter rejecting his marriage proposal as she knows how they treat him like he’s their son. Despite this, Marcial told Rhian that she’s still welcome to their family whatever happens and whatever her final decision may be. Rhian appreciated everything Marcial said and even gave thanks to him, although she was not really sure how to feel about it.

Meanwhile, Millet (Kim Molino) got to talk to Rhian at the barracks and made her realize that Ethan will surely do everything just to win her heart again. However, Rhian said that her decision is final and that she’s sure already about it.

Rhian finally knows who Marcial really is


The big day for Rhian and Tiago has finally come, when the major goal which was to kill Marcial was about to be accomplished. Tiago made sure that everything is set and prepared so he instructed his army to disperse around the meeting place of Rhian and Marcial and to watch out.

When Marcial and Rhian were finally next to and facing each other, Rhian immediately took her gun out while Marcial was trying to plead her to put her gun down as he was about to tell her that she’s their daughter.

“Patawad” was the only thing that came out if Rhian’s mouth as she was sure about killing Marcial in exchange of Elai (Arjo Atayde) and her friends’ safety. However, everyone was surprised including Tiago and Amelia (Janice de Belen) who was waiting for Rhian to kill his biological father. Little did they all know that Corazon was just all along hiding behind Marcial’s car. When she finally showed up, she was very emotional in revealing the truth that Rhian is Arabella, and she is her and Marcial’s daughter. Rhian got no words to say and tears just fall on her face as she was trying to understand everything.

Marcial saves Rhian from harm


In hopes of knowing the whereabouts of Rhian, Franco (Paulo Avelino) and Jessie’s men decided to tail behind Sabel (Maricel Soriano) as they thought she could help them greatly. Sabel and her friends were supposedly about to ride a bus going to Manila but she noticed Elai was missing so she looked for her son, but in the end, she was only kidnapped by Franco’s men.

When Rhian saw the commotion, she immediately followed the kidnappers’ vehicle and when they arrived at the hideout, Franco only used Elai as his hostage. Ethan’s group also came, as well as Marcial. He saves his daughter from Alex (Janice Hung) who was about to attack Rhian. She was wounded though so when they arrived at the safehouse, Marcial took care of her.

Marcial promises to fight for Rhian


The De Leon family reunion was undoubtedly one of the most tear-jerking family reunions. Finally being with their long lost daughter Arabella whom they’ve known as Rhian, both Marcial and Corazon cannot contain their happiness and all the emotions knowing that all along, they have been actually with their daughter already.

However, Rhian still found herself lost in all the happenings and revelations in her life. She goes to Sabel to admit how she really felt. Both Sabel and Elai told her that she has all the time to make up for the missed moments she should have had with her real family.

Marcial furious over Jessie’s attitude towards Rhian


With all the tragedies and incidents that are involving the De Leon family, Jessie puts the blame on Rhian. She confronts her in front of the family that she has been the reason why problems keep coming in the family and why Marcial and Corazon are put to danger. Marcial then tells Jessie that what is wrong is her attitude. “You’re a soldier and you should act like one,” Marcial tells Jessie. When Elai approaches Jessie, he tells her she should not be arguing with Rhian as they are sisters.

Marcial orders men not to arrest Rhian


Jessie decided to reveal where Rhian was hiding to the military, even if she knew her parents would also get involved in the trouble. However, little did she know that all these information that she got from Amelia’s secretary was fake.

While Marcial was talking to Alex outside the safehouse, Rhian checked on her father’s phone and got to see a message about Tiago’s plans of fleeing. She decided immediately to go in hopes of catching Tiago. While Ethan’s troops were fighting with the rebels, they also saw Rhian in the building and so he asked Rhian to just surrender. However, Marcial came to the rescue, asking Ethan’s men to put their guns down, also revealing that Rhian is their long lost daughter.

A father’s love is certainly beyond measure, despite the distance or even the time away from his children. Marcial proved it to Rhian on The General’s Daughter.