Better, bolder Erich Gonzales up for biggest challenge in career on The Blood Sisters

This simple Davaoeña young lady aspired to make it big in show business and it became a reality after ending up as the Grand Questor of Star Circle Quest in 2004. Now, she has more than lived up her dreams.

Erich Gonzales has become a household name ever since and has appeared in various programs, such as Mga Anghel na Walang Langit and KimErald starrer Sana Maulit Muli. It was until 2009 when she got her biggest break for she was chosen to portray a teenage mother in the critically acclaimed romantic drama Katorse. Since it catapulted her to immense stardom, the character of Nene has been the most remarkable role she has ever played.

First lead role

“For me, Katorse talaga because galing din ‘to kay Sir Deo (Endrinal), sa Dreamscape also, and ‘yon talaga ‘yong first lead role ko. Hindi naman tayo overnight lang nabigyan ng leading role o maging leading lady. Kumbaga, marami rin tayong pinagdaanan. Naging extra, or walang lines, o nasa background lang. So, ‘yon talaga ang di ko makakalimutan. First lead role. And after that, nagtuloy-tuloy na lahat. Si Nene, iba siya. Tatak si Nene for me talaga,” she related to during the media conference of her newest series, The Blood Sisters, held last February 5.

For the past years, we all admired her in the roles she portrayed that were generally preppy, dainty, and demure. But the 27-year-old actress shocked everyone in the last quarter of 2017 as sexy photos of her spread like wildfire on social media. She then flaunted her toned body in the Metro Manila Film Festival entry Siargao. Recently, she radiantly posed for a magazine, wearing nothing but pants.

Sudden image change

During the presscon, Erich told the press that the reason behind the sudden change in her image is her yearning to improve herself by exploring unfamiliar territory in her craft and becoming adventurous in her career choices.  And we’re going to see the better, bolder, and more beautiful Erich through the Jojo Saguin-helmed teleserye The Blood Sisters, which will premiere on Monday (February 12).

In the upcoming series, she would play triplets Agatha, Erika, and Carrie who were separated at birth and possess varied personalities. Since it is her first time to take on this kind of role, she described the experience as the most daring, the most difficult, and the most challenging of all.

But what made her decide to accept the project?

“Alam ko napakalaking challenge nito for me, and I’m really up for challenges like that. Ever since naman gusto natin na may maipakita iba sa audiences natin na hindi paulit-ulit yung roles, may variation. Tapos na tayo sa pabebe roles or pa-cute roles and we’re not getting any younger, so kailangan when it comes to choosing projects talaga, alam mong ma-cha-challenge ka rito; alam mo na excited ka to do it kasi bago. Importarte ‘yon. Kailangan you keep the fire burning,” Erich said.

Preparing for The Blood Sisters

In order to effectively unleash the uniqueness in the three characters, she confessed keeping a notebook containing her notes regarding the nuances, mannerisms, core, and other small details of each character. The creators also hired a legit club dancer who would guide her in portraying Erika, a stripper.

In coping with all the hardships and the stress she have to undergo in doing this project, she is grateful to the hardworking and supportive production staff and cast for making everything light and smooth for her.

“[…]I look forward to going to tapings and being with them because they’re like family talaga na nasa work. Kahit gaano kahirap, ka-toxic, or ka-stressful ‘yong taping, nawawala ‘yon lahat because alam mo na team kayo; you just work together para pa mapaganda or maging maayos ‘yung show n’yo. For me, sobrang laking bagay na okay kayong lahat – like yung energy, ‘yung aura, ‘yung vibe – nice kasi kahit gaano ka-stressful, nakakaya naman po. Nakakangiti at nakakatawa pa rin kami,” she said.


Being in the industry for more than a decade, what are the lessons she learned and would like to share to other people?

“Siguro bukod sa pagiging professional, it’s very important na hindi ka makalimot sa kung saan ka nanggaling ‘di ba? Alam naman ng lahat na galing ako sa SCQ, alam naman ng lahat na galing ako sa wala. Importante na kahit anong mangyari, you just keep your feet on the ground,” she emphasized.

Then she added, “It’s important na you keep yourself surrounded with people na magpapa-remind sa’yo kung sino ka talaga, ano’ng importante sa’yo. It doesn’t matter if you have a few good people in your life, sa circle mo. Basta ang importante, it’s really the quality over the quantity. And you just have to love what you do. What’s the point of doing something kung ‘di mo naman gusto?”

Catch Erich Gonzalez in her most daring teleserye stint to date, ­The Blood Sisters, starting on Monday, February 12, after The King Is In Love.