Netizens unanimously pick Carrie as their favorite Blood Sister

Nothing has been so overwhelming and impactful in the eyes of viewers than to see three sisters—triplets when they were born—lead different lives, assume disparate personalities, and affect each other’s life as their story progresses.

It’s a narrative as impeccable as it can be and The Blood Sisters has truly made our primetime viewing quite thrilling.

Yet, we can’t help but have our own choice or bias on who among Erika, Carrie or Agatha, all masterfully played by Erich Gonzales, would be our favorite “blood sister.”

We posted a Kapamilya Poll recently on who among the three sisters, Carrie, Erika, and Carrie, is your favorite. Netizens reactions are unanimous.

Around 63.07% choose the well-educated US-trained physician Carrie as their favorite, owing to their emotional connection to all she went through in the story. After giving way to her sisters to become part of her family, Carrie is seen as one who is most sisterly, and steps back for the sake of her siblings despite the consequences.

Meanwhile, about 33.80% picked the initially most unfortunate sibling Erika, who faced a lot of trouble with syndicates as a strip dancer. People identify with her meek and simple demeanor yet becomes an aggressive fighter when provoked, especially when the issue concerns her son.

And the last and least favorite among the three is Agatha, who only got 3.13%. She is a mean-spirited, hostile cold-blooded social climber who would stop at nothing just to achieve what only benefits her. 

Clearly, people hate the most self-serving and obnoxious sibling, especially one who makes life a living hell for their mother.

More will be revealed as the gripping story of The Blood Sisters, weekdays before TV Patrol on Primetime Bida.