A Tale of Two Mothers: Debbie and Adele of The Blood Sisters


What makes a mother?

Oprah Winfrey once said that, “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.” Indeed, being a mother is definitely more than just giving birth to a child. It’s about being selfless by doing everything you could for him or her and by giving unconditional love.


In the primetime drama series “The Blood Sisters,” Erika, Carrie and Agatha (all played by Erich Gonzales) have two mothers: Debbie (Dina Bonnevie) and Adele (Cherry Pie Picache). Adele agreed to be the surrogate mother of Debbie and Norman’s (Jestoni Alarcon) baby. However, she suffered a miscarriage. After that, Norman seduced Adele and got her pregnant again without Debbie’s knowledge. Realizing that she could not give up the child in her womb, Adele escaped from the couple and delivered triplets, making her their biological mother. She named her three children Agatha, Agnes and Almira.


Unaware that Adele gave birth to triplets, Norman hired men to get their child back and he also did a search himself. Norman was able to track Adele in Davao City and he took the infant Agnes away from her arms. By a cruel twist of fate, the hired men snatched the other infant, Almira, from Adele’s mother at the market. Norman assumed his men made a mistake and informed them that he already had his child so the kidnappers left Almira in an empty carton at a garbage dump. 


Agatha was the only daughter left with Adele and she grew up with Ligaya (Ruby Ruiz), Adele’s mother, in Baguio. Agnes grew up with Debbie and Norman in Metro Manila and she was named Carrie. Almira grew up on her own in Davao City and she was named Erika. After living three separate lives for more than two decades, the three of them eventually were reunited with the help of fate. Debbie wholeheartedly welcomed Erika and Agatha and tried to make up for all the years they were away from each other. She promised them that they would face all the problems as a family. Meanwhile, Adele continues to try to fight for her right as a mother to them as well.


In celebration of this year’s Mother’s Day, we will pay tribute to the loving mothers in Kapamilya teleseryes. Today, let us list down the 8 times Debbie and Adele showed a mother’s unconditional love to the triplets.

Adele proved that there’s no greater love than a mother’s love when she promised Agatha that she would never give up on her.

Debbie expressed her motherly love to Erika when she welcomed her wholeheartedly to the family.

Adele painfully accepted all the hurtful words Agatha said about her flaws and imperfections as a mother.

Adele became very emotional after hearing all the lies and slanderous stories Agatha said about her at the press conference.

Debbie tried to stop Erika from leaving them and assured her that everything would eventually be alright.

Debbie gave Agatha tough love when she scolded her and called her out for her bad attitude.

Adele swallowed her pride when she went out of her way to talk to Agatha and begged her to help Erika.

Adele couldn’t help but shed some tears and felt pity for her daughter after seeing Agatha’s condition while behind bars.