Kamilya Toplist: 7 Times Carrie showed her love for long-lost sister Erika

How would you react if you found out that you had a long-lost twin all this time? Some might have a fit and demand explanations, while others might opt for being in denial. But for Carrie, family is family. Which why she welcomed Erika with arms wide open. It’s easier said than done, but that’s what unconditional love can do.


Carrie was prepared to share everything in her life. When she had a grand celebration for her birthday, they switched places because she wanted to give all of that to Erika as a gift.

Erika had a rough life. She didn’t even have a birth certificate. So, as another gift, she got a birth certificate claiming her as an Almeda to make them officially sisters.

Being a single mother, Erika couldn’t finish her studies. But with a new loving family, she was offered a chance to send her and her son to school.

Samuel was hurt when he met Erika and found out the truth. But unlike him, Carrie didn’t get mad at Erika for pretending to be someone she wasn’t. Carrie understood her situation and still helped her out. She even shared her home to Erika and her son.

They may have lived completely different lives until now, but Carrie doesn’t want to be separated any longer. And she’s not going to let what other people think stop their reunion.

It was an emotional moment when Erika told her story to Carrie. But it certainly brought them closer together. Carrie even opened up about her own problems, like how she feels about marrying Samuel.

Carrie was in hot water when she was found in a hotel room with Tonyo. She was prepared to keep their secret, but Erika decided to reveal herself to save Carrie the trouble.