5 craziest things Bianca did for love

They say love makes you do crazy things, things in a million years you’d never see yourself do. However, in “The Better Half,” Bianca (Denise Laurel) has definitely taken crazy to a whole new level because of her obsession and love for her childhood friend, Marco (Carlo Aquino). Today, let us list down some of the insane and unbelievable things she has done in the daytime drama series so far.

1. Bianca pretended to be Marco’s wife.

Bianca took advantage of Marco’s amnesia after he survived the plane crash. She lied about their past and hid him in a faraway island. She then promised herself that she’d never lose him again.

2. Bianca commanded Aris to follow Sheryl.

After discovering that Sheryl (Regine Angeles) was planning to tell Marco the truth, Bianca ordered Aris (Junjun Quintana) to follow and stalk her, which eventually led to Aris accidentally killing Sheryl.

3. Bianca attempted to commit suicide to get Marco’s attention.

During a huge fight with Marco, Bianca threatened him that he’d lose her and their baby. When he still decided to leave, she tried to kill herself using a blade just to get his attention. Alfredo (Bart Guingona) immediately went to Marco and told him what happened to his daughter.

4. Bianca accidentally killed Romina.

After finding out the testimony of Romina (Sharmaine Suarez) about their secret agreement, Bianca went to her and confronted her about it. Their heated argument eventually led to an intense catfight and Bianca accidentally killed her former accomplice.

5. Bianca ordered Aris to kill Camille.

Desperate to stop Camille (Shaina Magdayao) from putting her behind bars, Bianca met up with Aris and asked him to kill Camille. Aris followed her order and set the house of the Villalobos family on fire, putting Camille and her family in danger and causing the death of her brother, Julio (Zeppi Borromeo). Because of this incident, Marco was also brought to the hospital.

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