10 Sure Signs Your Other Half Is as Obsessed as Bianca

One look at Bianca Buenaflor (Denise Laurel) and you would immediately think that she is everyone’s dream girl. Sophisticated and pretty, hot and smart, sweet and caring; who could ask for more, right? Unfortunately, Bianca is consumed by her obsessive love for Marco Saison (Carlo Aquino) who showed her kindness while they were growing up. Marco moves to another province where he falls in love with and marries Camille Villalobos (Shaina Magdayao). This sends Bianca over the edge and when Marco loses his memories because of a plane crash, she embarks on an unimaginable scheme to steal her from Camille and make him her husband instead. She successfully deceives everyone and gets to control Marco’s life, making her the ultimate psycho chic we love to watch and hate on the afternoon teleserye “The Other Half.”

So how would you know if you’re also trapped in a relationship with someone as obsessively crazy as Bianca? Here are 10 sure signs.

1. She is so obsessed with your past relationships that she copies your ex-girlfriend’s hairstyle and looks.

If you find your girl wearing the same shade of lipstick as your ex or she surprises you by chopping off her long locks to the same exact haircut as your last partner, you need to start watching her very closely. Take Bianca for example, she is so fixated on competing with Camille that she copies her haircut in an effort to show that it looks better on her.

2. Even scarier, your girl starts to impersonate your ex-lover.

It’s understandable, even expected, that we try to be the best version of ourselves in front of the one we love. But, when it gets to the point where your girlfriend begins to talk and act like your ex, right down to the way she snuggles with you, that’s just plain creepy. If, like Bianca, your girl starts to teach children just because your ex is a teacher and impersonates even the way she interacts with kids, then it’s time to pack your bags, run, and never look back.

3. She follows your exes around and desperately tries to be friends with them.

They say that you have to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. And since there is no bigger threat to Bianca’s happiness with Marco than his ex-wife, Camille, she does everything to get close to her. After all, if she could be friends with Camille, then she could keep tabs on her at all times.

4. She is extremely jealous of any and all women, especially your past girlfriends.

You mention a girl’s name in passing and she instantly raises hell. You happen to look as a woman passes by and your partner gets in a foul mood for the rest of the day. You just know there’s something wrong when any interaction with the opposite sex is suddenly a mortal sin unless it’s her. Don’t even try to speak your ex’s name in her presence, or you’ll have a mega meltdown to deal with just like what happened when Marco mentioned Camille in front of Bianca.

5. Lying is her specialty and covering up her stories is an art form.

A little white lie every now and then may be acceptable. But, when your other half cooks up all kinds of ridiculous tales just to get your attention every single time you need to get out of the house or if you finally notice that it’s her habit to make up stories about her background or your life together, then it’s time to reassess the relationship. And, if like Bianca, she fabricates letters to make it seem like you sent them to her and she “photoshops” pictures to create your false history together, then that’s definitely a obssesed chic you’re living with!

6. Your phone, email, and social media accounts are all under surveillance.

An obsessed lover will always be paranoid that you’re keeping things from her. Because of this exaggerated fear, she will seek to know your every interaction. So if you notice your girl snooping around your phone or laptop every single time when she thinks you’re not looking, you definitely have one unbalanced woman for a partner. Better leave soon before you end up like Marco who has to resort to waking up in the middle of the night just to send an email.

7. She keeps you from seeing other people.

For her, everyone is a rival for your time, so she controls your interactions with other people. She makes up excuses so that the two of you wouldn’t have to visit your parents or see your friends or get close to the new neighbors. Like Bianca, she will try to monopolize your time in a bid to keep you all to herself.

8. She becomes panic-stricken and hysterical if you so much as wander out of her sight for even a minute.

You have to realize that there’s a huge problem if your girl turns livid when you go to the store or to a friend without telling her. If she freaks out and turns hysterical like Bianca every time she loses sight of you even for just a moment, then it’s time to ask for some space.

9. She resorts to extreme measures to keep you by her side.

People are known to do crazy things when they’re in love, but an obsessed girlfriend takes this to a whole new level. She is ready to resort to extreme measures, regardless if it’s illegal or immoral, just to get you to stay with her. Case in point is Bianca’s elaborate scheme of taking advantage of Marco’s amnesia and making him believe that she is the one he has always loved. Instead of reporting that Marco survived the plane crash, Bianca abducts him and starts altering his memories.

10. She manipulates everyone and doesn’t even bat an eye while doing it.

Your other half has a knack for wrapping everyone around her fingers with emotional blackmail, threats of self-harm, and lies. She’s an expert in manipulating people and getting them to do want she wants. Take Bianca for instance, she begs and cries to get what she desires, and if those don’t work, she resorts to threatening people that she’ll commit suicide if they don’t do her bidding.