Viewers triggered with intense ‘gigil,’ anger as David cheats on Jill in The Broken Marriage Vow pilot week

Gigil is the sheer word that describes all audience reactions to the airing of the pilot week of The Broken Marriage Vow.

In this Kapamilya React video, stunned viewers react to trending scenes from the first episodes of the series, wherein Jodi Sta. Maria showcased her intense, deep, riveting acting chops as Dr. Jill Illustre. Her acclaimed performance further triggered impassioned responses that further sparked interest in the drama.Viewers praised Jodi as the actress who perfectly fits the lead role and has certainly delivered the goods and met high expectations.

But what really got the viewers’ goat was Zanjoe Marudo’s provocative portrayal as Jill’s husband David, who slowly reveals his marital transgressions bit after bit from the first scene onwards. With Jill discovering that lip balm in his coat pocket and a strand of long blonde hair in his scarf, viewers emphasize these pieces of evidence of David’s infidelity as they urge her to become more vigilant of other clues.

Viewers got incensed when David apparently fooled Jill into believing he was bringing a bouquet of flowers to his ailing mom when he noticed her trailing his vehicle. When Jill showed up at the home of David’s family and was unaware of his charade, she actually apologized to David for mistakenly suspecting him of cheating on her. Viewers protested why should she be sorry when David was obviously guising his real motives. “Napakasinungaling si Zanjoe ito,” one viewer said.

Their blood boiled when Jill first met Lexy Lucero, David’s mistress, and even passed on their anger to Sue Ramirez, who made such a convincing portrayal. “Ayan na ang kabit, oh my God” a viewer said.

Jill actually helped her husband gain traction in his career as an architect by introducing him to the Luceros, whose matriarch is a patient. But as the viewer said, “Napakabait ni doktora tapos manloloko ka.”

They also noticed how David was so “insecure” of his wife, a common reason for men who go on illicit affairs. “Insecure with a capital I,” another viewer said.

But what really broke viewers’ hearts was what Jill’s “mole” Diane’s bombshell in a phone call. Diane, played by Jane Oineza, told Jill she saw David kissing another girl on the lips, confirming that he indeed has a secret lover. “Aray ko, sakit nun, para kang nasikmuraan doon,” a viewer said.

Jill still had no idea who this secret lover is at this point of the narrative, as she even suspected Lexi’s mom and her patient Nathalia (Rachel Alejandro). “Hindi ‘yung nanay, ‘yung anak si Lexy (ang kabit),” a viewer noted.

This leads to forthcoming episodes when the big reveal would further grip viewers with a centerpiece confrontation scene that should serve as a turning point in the story.

“Kaabang-abang ang mga susunod na mangyayari,” a viewer stressed.

Watch more of the incensed, gigil audience reactions to the pilot week of The Broken Marriage Vow in this video.

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